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Clearly Spring Break means I don't get the computer. Ever. Whenever I walk toward it, the boy slides ahead of me! I wasn't on at all after dinner last night. So here I am up at 5 after another bad night of storms.

I have all my project stuff ready - I bought the 4 light fixtures, the light switch plates (only 4 of my light switches are so close to the molding I can't use them!) and paint for two rooms and the hall. I'm still debating over the bedroom. I don't think I can paint today because it's raining and you're not supposed to paint when it's raining or something.

So let's talk TV.


Last week I didn't like the Dean/Rory story. This past week, I loved it. I was ready to buy the DVD, since Luke and Lorelei were together, Rory and Dean were together, oh the happiness! But I saw yesterday's episode and I predict bad things. Very bad things ahead. (Okay, I know none of them STAY together, but more than 5 episodes, 'kay?)


Starbuck is really dead, leaving two men to mourn her --- why? She's the biggest whiner!


I so wanted to love this show. But as soon as I see it, I forget what it was about. Kind of like MONK.


Well, ya knew the prez wasn't going to pardon them. The now what factor will have me back for the last three episodes. I could give less than a hoot about C Note and Sucre anymore, though.


Go, Janosz! (Remember? Peter McNichol was in Ghostbusters 2?) Be honest! Only, uh-oh, Jim Jones has other ideas. Bad Jim Jones. And Martha, he's the president! Okay, he was the president! So do you think Martha and Aaron are, like, together together?

Was Jack even in this episode?


We have to wait SIX MORE WEEKS? Are they CRAZY? Did they see what that did to JERICHO'S numbers? Shapeshifter woman is seriously creepy, glad Mohinder found out it was Sylar.


Okay, dudes, if you're going hunting in the winter in Kansas, wear more than a flannel shirt and a hoodie! Jake, I expected more of you! Criminey.


Why did they reintroduce the lady only to kill her? Was Russian dude there waiting for the plane folk to find him? Does he know Danielle? Did you see how he reacted when he heard her voice? Does she really know these people or has she suffered some kind of memory loss?

And most importantly, what will happen to the kitty, all alone in the jungle?


Yes, you didn't know I watched that one, did you? That ending was pretty riveting. Talk about being pulled in a million directions! But seriously, holler out, "Mary, don't kill your dad," or something instead of just waiting for her to pull the trigger. And if Sam never comes back, I'd be happy. Also, if Delinda got blown up. And if Mary went to prison for life.

Seriously, why do I watch this show?


I could love this show. I mean it. Wow. Strong chick, scary bad guys, hot vamp AND hot cop. Cool.

I watched, kinda, A GOOD YEAR. I got restless (typical of the beginning of Spring Break) and kept getting up. Beautiful scenery, the romance didn't kick in till an hour into the movie (up till then it was mostly Russell Crowe on his own or yelling at someone on the phone). It did help me pick my paint colors, and I bought some beautiful urns at Home Depot.

We also watched MAN OF THE YEAR. Not what I expected at all, a lot more cloak and dagger than comedy. You can kind of get the same comedy by watching Jon Stewart or Bill Maher.

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Anonymous said...

I love Dresden Files, Mar. It's one of the highlights of the night for me. It's well done, well written, and actually has some of the magical underpinnings correct...unlike Charmed, which only did that about 5% of the time in the entire 8 years it was on the air...not that I didn't love the show! I think what I don't reasonate with is the guy playing Dresden....he's good in the role, but personally forgettable. Monk is fun, and Tony Shaloub is NOT forgettable! Dresden would be even better with a more charismatic lead. But overall, I never miss it.


Anonymous said...

BSG - I was shocked they killed off Starbuck! But she WAS pretty whiny. *g* Dirk Benedict's Starbuck wouldn't have been such a whiner. LOL!

Dresden Files - I enjoy this show, but I like the books better.

24 - The Creepy Veep has to be behind the suitcase nukes.

Heroes - I can't believe they're making us wait until the end of April either. WHAT are they thinking?!

Jericho - Love this show! But yeah, they should have dressed warmer.

Lost - Maybe that chick will recover from being dead. *g* Anything seems to be possible on the Island.

Las Vegas - That was a humdinger of a cliffhanger, wasn't it? I can't believe they ended the season so freakin' early, though!

Blood Ties - I had no idea this series was on the air already, so I've missed the first two episodes, I think. Annoys me a great deal. I read the books by Tanya Huff a long time ago and can't wait to see how the series holds up.

MJFredrick said...

See, I like Dresden, but the stories just aren't too compelling, I guess. I stopped watching Monk. The first season was soo awesome, but he and Natalie don't have the same relationship as he and Sharona. I miss Sharona. We like Psych better, but alas, already on hiatus.

Tori, really? I don't watch BSG much, it's the dh's show, but I knew she had to go ;) I'm anxious to read the Dresden books.

I don't know about Powers Booth being behind the nukes - they kinda did that last year with the Prez being behind the terror. How they come up with new twists, I never know.

I think you only missed the first episode of Blood Ties, but it was 2 hours.

And yeah, why did LV go on break so early?

Anonymous said...

I don't think Starbuck is really dead. Few people are ever really dead forever on TV, it seems. LOL

You don't think Dresden is compelling? The books ARE better, however. Books are almost always better.



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