Supernatural and Wasn't It Just Spring Break??

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I'm thinking about taking the day off - I have all these contest entries to organize, even though they're not going back till Monday, I have stuff to read for critique (not much) and I want to WRITE. So mostly I want to write. And get through some of my library books. And sleep (which, clearly I'm not, up at 3 AGAIN!)

Supernatural last night --- not what I expected. LOVED Dean's glee at hunting werewolves, LOVED the love scene, and the emotion (does this mean Sam is stronger than Dean? And will Sam love again?) But when I think of werewolves, I think of forest and pack and isolation. I wish there had been more action, more werewolf fighting, more, well, werewolves. That would have been cool.

But did you see Sammy's arms? Could we PLEASE put him in some t-shirts now and again, y'all?

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Trish Milburn said...

Swoon. Goodness, that boy is good looking. I always said Sammy was the hot one. :) Also loved Dean's line -- "What are you, the dog whisperer now?" Man, that last scene made me cry. Very powerful, and played powerfully by Jared Padalecki.

Amie Stuart said...

My son was bawling at the end. and that love scene--smokin! and those arms--I vote for more t-shirts too!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Let's send them to Florida to go after the Chupacabra Lois Lane couldn't find this week. :) DEFINITELY want more T-shirts on BOTH boys.

Anonymous said...

The latest episode, during Sam's Love scene...SHAZZAAAAAMMM! I usually drool for Jensen, but he's gaining huge ground here.

It was my favorite episode to date!

MJFredrick said...

I still think Dean is hotter, but Jared and his dimples and his arms....

Amie, how cool your son was crying. I love that they show the boys crying.

Natalie, LOL about the chupacabra. Are they smart?

LOL, Kendra!


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