Suzanne Brockmann

Suzanne Brockmann is a phenomenon. Honestly. Nora is awesome, and popular, and has movies, but Suzanne has the Power of Organization. I listened to her workshop about writing all these different characters and how she keeps them all straight, but I'm reading Into the Storm now and I'm just stunned at how she can make every single person so unique, and fitting in a niche the way she does.

This book makes it more evident than the others, because she has the Troubleshooters AND Team Sixteen. So much SEAL goodness!

I haven't really loved the last few of her books, though, not since WildCard's story. I really didn't like the Hollywood one, and Tess and Nash's story was just okay, and I know there was another one in there. She does manage to keep the romance in the forefront, which is really incredible despite the situations she comes up with, ones that would put Jack Bauer through the ringer. She also makes a point of not all her heroes being pretty boys, which makes sense, but in this one, the hero is short, and I keep picturing Michael J. Fox, but ripped.

Okay, like I hadn't already proved I'm shallow....

Do you read her books? Big fan, or less so?

Yesterday was Jensen's birthday - he's 29. I ALMOST don't feel bad for posting these anymore ;)

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Anonymous said...

Big fan, HUGE fan. I've loved her books for years. I liked Gena and Max's story too. I just don't know how she writes that detailed mini book and then can turn around and write the big book like she does.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Ditto here.

I loved the Hollywood set book but more for Jules' story than for the main romance. I liked the most recent one even better, though.

She's been an unwitting mentor to me, though I can't prewrite like she does. She's taught me a LOT and helped me keep the spark.

MJFredrick said...

Gena and Max - that was the one I didn't really like, even though I liked them as secondary romance. I liked the whole Africa bit, and I liked the secondary romance...was it Smith?

I was over Sam and Alyssa pretty fast, too. My favorite favorite was WildCard.

But yeah, her process blows my mind.


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