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My house was built in the 1950s. It's a long, low ranch, and has been remodeled so that all the living area connects - no rooms are shut off from another. We have a big sun room along the back of the house, so my style to this point has been something of a garden style. I have not had particular good luck with paints. One Labor Day, the dh and I painted the living room wall green. It's called basil green, but it's....pretty bright. We painted the hall summer before last and what was supposed to be white with a touch of blue is actually baby blue. Ew. The kitchen was remodeled before we moved in, and there is a lot of brick, the counters are terra cotta and the tiles are a beigy grey. One bathroom has grey fixtures and the other peach. EW.

The rest of the house we haven't touched, though I'm sick of the peachy color on every wall. I want to paint COLORS but I'm scared.

Ever since we went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, I've been enamored of the Tuscan decorating style. It's earthy tones, creams, browns, greens, and lots of wood and iron. Only in the living room I have some of the original elements of the house, like light fixtures, that are retro, which I love. And with Tuscan style, the colors are more rust than silver. (I was going to change out lightswitch plates and other light fixtures, too, but until I decide what to do....) Also, I have a bunch of white accents that go well with the green wall and wouldn't do so well with the Tuscan colors.

The dh and I went to Lowe's yesterday and picked up paint chips - a ton! I was drawn to the Tuscan colors, but then I saw this deep deep blue I love for the bedroom (I have plantation shutters in there, white, so wouldn't that be pretty?) The dh is so cool, he loved that color, too. Which put me back at the beginning of my dilemma - colors or Tuscan creams?

Are you an adventurous painter? Or do you stay on the safe side?

I tried and tried to find pictures of Tuscan decorating - came up short.

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dawn said...

i hope you found your paintcolors, miz mary.

after each time we talk, i always think the same thing... i just love mary.

MJFredrick said...

I know, Dawn! Isn't it sad we don't even see each other often enough??? We must remedy!

Anonymous said...

Both choices sound amazing :)

Anonymous said...

The blue would be pretty with the shutters, but I love the Tuscon style too. It's sooooo pretty.

On the Mac thing: One of my students wanted to get a MacBook for graduation, but his dad told him they cost too much. He took his dad to our wonderful Mac store and they did a side by side comparison of the MacBook and a Dell (the machine dad wanted to buy). Guess what? The MacBook was cheaper because it comes with so much automatically! Interesting, huh?

Trish Milburn said...

I did a combination of bright and dark in a couple of rooms. The dining room has three walls that are a light beige and one accent wall that is a deep red/maroon color. Our back room, which is basically storage, is blue but has three light blue walls and one dark. In our guest bedroom, I did a special painting technique where you just paint a bunch of Xs over each other and it ends up looking textured. It looks like suede. In the guest bath, there's a white base with pale green sponge painting over that. I have three rooms left that are plain old white and the little upstairs half room that the previous owners painted a horrid pink color. It's like you're swimming in Pepto Bismol.

Tawny Weber said...

COLOR color color -- I vote for color!

Anonymous said...

(Dude! Who taught Jensen to stand that way? Gack, Mary, you've corrupted me!)
Start with the pretty blue in your bedroom. Get a sample to check the balance; it's worth the money. If it works, you'll be more confident about color in the rest, or you can visit Tuscany here and there.

MJFredrick said...

VERY interesting, Mary Beth!!! We did our taxes this weekend, so now I'm thinking about getting a MacBook. Of course The Boy will start driving this year, so maybe we need to start thinking about a car instead.

Trish, the accent wall sounds really pretty! My step-grandmother had the Pepto Bismol room - GAH!

LOL, Stacy! I was looking at Jared's big old Texas belt buckle!

Tawny, I think we're going to do color in the bedroom, and pick a different shade of green for the living room, then do a creamy yellow in the sun room and hallway. We just need to choose the green and the blue. The dh wants them very saturated. And we're going to use Stacy's suggestion of starting in the bedroom.

Tracy Montoya said...

Mary, I like Tuscan decor, too! I've seen books in the decorating section at Barnes & Noble dedicated to Italian/Tuscan decor--you should go browse when you have a moment!

MJFredrick said...

Heyyyy.....good idea, Tracy!!!


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