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So after school I watched Gilmore Girls, started supper, judged a contest entry, ate, then went outside to sit in my new chair on the front porch, with my copy of EW.

Now, Saturday night I sat out there, and the dh joined me. As soon as he sat down, his chair snapped. We took it back. I inspected the replacement chair closely.

But I was sitting in the other chair.

I heard creaking, but just thought, you know, it's sliding a bit on the concrete. But alas, no. The leg snapped clean off!

Okay, we are no lightweights, but I've NEVER broken a chair.

Yes, I will try to exchange it today (I just bought it on Friday!)

We get to wear jeans today, which I have mixed feelings about, since I got out all my pretty spring clothes. And we have a field trip tomorrow (ugh.) Then my baby brother won tickets to tomorrow night's Spurs game and invited me. Which means I'm driving. To a Spurs game. Where lots of other people drive. Yick. And I'm missing SARA on top of that. Oh, well, bonding with baby brother is good, especially since he may be going away to college next year.

Skippy is doing better. He followed me all around last night, and was waiting outside the door this morning.

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Trish Milburn said...

I see you're reading the Buffy essays. I really enjoyed them as well as the ones on Angel.

MJFredrick said...

I checked out the Angel one, too. And a book called Finding Serenity. Yes, channeling Joss....

Anonymous said...

Dark Horse Comics just started a new series: Buffy Season 8. Joss wrote the arc and is writing some of the issues.

MJFredrick said...

My first issue is on the way ;)


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