Story or Writing?

Happy Pi Day!!

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You know, 3/14? 3.14? The dh is a geek about it, so that's what made me think about it.

It's also my friend Trish J's birthday! Happy birthday, T!!

I painted MOST of the sunroom yesterday. It's....yellow. Will post pics when I'm done. I have to get the ladder in (it was soaked from all the rain) and do the high ceilings.

Okay, I've been looking at my book list for the year. I tend to pick books by new-to-me-authors because of the story. And I tend to put them down because of the writing. Clunky writing will make me put down a compelling story, while lyrical writing will carry me through a less compelling one.

What is if for you? Writing or story?

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dawn said...

it is both for me...writing and story.

i can't wait to see your yellow walls, mary.
i bet it is gorgeous. your home rocks.

Kelly Boyce said...

To me it goes hand in hand. Great writing won't capture me if the story isn't there, and a good story can't come through if the writing isn't good enough to support it.

The sun room sounds great. I have a bedroom upstairs that I am making into my reading/knitting room and it has bright sunshine yellow walls that make it look like the sun is always shining in there. I love it!

Anonymous said...

For me, it's the writing. I've seen a great story killed by poor writing. 'Tis a sad death, that. :)


Anonymous said...

They had a pi day celebration at the high school. My second son came in third place in the Memorize Pi contest - got up to 103 digits. For that, he won - yes - a pizza pie!


Amie Stuart said...

I agree lyrical writing can get you a long way in my book! But I've also finished a compelling book with so-so writing--this is not the norm for me either but I really had to see "who dun it"

Anonymous said...

I painted my daughter's room yellow and I love it. Every time I walk in, it feels so bright and airy. :)

For me, a good story trumps the writing. I can tolerate clunky writing if the story sweeps me away. By the same token, if the writing is amazing but the story is "meh," I won't finish it.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

One or the other has to be there. An excellent story can triumph over horrible writing (though listening to The DaVinci Code was probably easier than reading it--I'd have stopped if I was just reading it). And excellent writing can make a weak story seem less so.

I never heard of "pi" day until my daughter came home. She was upset because her algebra teacher had told them they could bring pies to class, and no one in her class did, but he didn't let them have any leftovers from the six that had been brought in from the previous class.


MJFredrick said...

Thanks, Dawn! Sorry for the stutter on your blog today - my computer was slooooowww!

Kelly, I agree about the writing not capturing you without the story. One of the first Nocturnes was written so beautifully, but it was about fairies, so not my cuppa.

JoAnn, that's happened to me time and again. I wanted to love a story but it was just killed by lackluster writing. OTOH, I've seen a ho-hum story just give me a thrill with a turn of phrase.

Chris, 103 digits???? Oh, dear Lord! Give that boy more than a pizza!!! That's awesome!

Amie, I've done that, too, but ended up skimming to get to the who dunnit.

Natalie, I didn't realize your daughter was old enough for algebra! I'd never heard of Pi Day till this year, with the geeky dh!

Michelle, I'm learning to like my yellow room. I realized it matches my blog!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Natalie, I didn't realize your daughter was old enough for algebra!

Brag Alert She's in 6th grade. :)

I'd never heard of Pi Day till this year, with the geeky dh!

Oh, good, so maybe it's a brand new thing and I'm not clueless! LOL


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