I love March. It's absolutely one of my favorite months. The redbud trees are blooming, and this big white flowered tree in our neighborhood. The mountain laurel hasn't come out yet, but the ash trees are budding, that beautiful spring green. We're expecting a light freeze this weekend, though we slept with the AC on last night (it's HUMID!)

Spring Break is in 9 days, daylight savings time is coming, and the longer days give me a burst of energy (though it is nice to go to work in daylight now).

I'll be getting out my spring clothes and I love my spring clothes. I've already worn sandals twice (because I'm out of hose). I want to get new nail polish.

And then there are the GH calls going out at the end of the month. I will honestly be okay if I DON'T final (Surface has never done well in this contest) but I'm still eager to see what happens that day. It's supposed to be on a Sunday - do you think they'll call on Sunday?

So, love March? Or could do without?

BTW, wrote 10 pages longhand yesterday.

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Trish Milburn said...

Your March sounds like our April. Two of my daffodils had finally bloomed out this morning though. Yay! And we're having thunderstorms and will have tornado watches throughout the day, so hey, seems like spring.

I noticed the GH call date is a Sunday. I'll have to check on that since I should be making some of the calls.

Gina Black said...

Not waiting on the GH call this year. I didn't enter. I couldn't come up with a good reason to submit what I had, and I wasn't finished with anything new yet. So, I'll have my fingers crossed for YOU!!

Kelly Boyce said...

About the only thing I like about March is the fact that it signifies winter is almost over. Nothing buds here until late April/early May.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

There isn't very much at all I like about March. It's like February stalled. And some of the biggest blizzards we've had here in PA have been in April. March is about dreariness and rain and clouds and a complete dearth of good movies in the theater and reruns on TV.

Gimme May, please. :)

Dixie Belle said...

We already have trees budding and daffodils in bloom but it's chilly some days. But, it's like summer is right around the corner!

MJFredrick said...

Yes, please find out, Trish! Maybe they'll go out on Saturday again? I hope it's not on a school day again - that's nerve wracking!

Thanks, Gina! I prolly shouldn't have entered Surface either - it's gone in 3 times and not finalled yet. I did chop off the first 10 or so pages, though.

Kelly, you're way up in the Frozen North, right? So I guess Spring Break in March would be worthless ;)

Natalie, your March sounds like our February! We are at freezing right now, but it will warm up to the 60s!

Dixie!! Long time no see! I'm glad you're getting to enjoy spring like weather, too!


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