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Grey's is seriously making me mad. George and Izzy? George and IZZY?

Izzy was always my favorite character. I loved her compassion, her sass, her background (have we ever heard anymore about her kid? NO.) I loved that she loved Denny. I cringed when she cut his LVAD wire. I cried when she mourned.

This season she's turned into a complete bitch. She can't even try to be nice to Callie, and I guess now we know why. So what does this show us? Men and women can't be friends? George is a bigger man-whore than Alex? And you know Izzy isn't going to be able to keep a secret (though why did Addison immediately jump to the conclusion Izzy was talking about adultery?) This is not going to be good, and I don't think I can watch.

I think part of it is that, while it was time for her to move on from Denny, I loved Denny and don't think George is fit to follow his footsteps. He's been a butthead lately, too. Maybe they deserve each other, and Callie can have Alex-now-with-a-soul.

Then LOST. We finally know what happened to Locke to put him in that wheelchair. (My dh wonders if that was Locke falling past the window when Hurley was meeting with his accountant in that one episode.) But what is the deal with the box???? (The dh also thinks Locke's dad is the real Sawyer, the one our Sawyer is looking for.) And would Jack really have left his friends behind on the island? That seems completely against his character.

I'm listening to A Breath of Snow and Ashes by Diana Gabaldon, the latest (last?) Jamie and Clair book. I have the book, but would get a hernia reading it, so I checked the CDs out of the library.

58 hours.

I drive an hour a day, but only have 48 days of school left!

Anyway, this week, I was listening and it took TWO DAYS to listen to ONE SCENE, and it was with Roger and Brianna (yawn)! And now Clair is going on and on about hemorrhoids. Honestly.

My friend Elizabeth recommended this series to me years ago, when I was living at my old house (I've been here almost 8 years, so...) I remember sitting on the back porch. I finished OUTLANDER, head over heels for Jamie, and made the dh drive me to the bookstore then and there for DRAGONFLY IN AMBER. It was not my favorite. My heart was broken for the 20 years they lost. I LOVED VOYAGER, but all the rest since then have been forgettable.

However, it's surprising to me how I remember the characters so well. Not just the main ones, but the peripheral ones, including Jenny, who will likely not be in anymore books since she's back in Scotland.

What about you - are you an OUTLANDER fan?

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Marianne Arkins said...

I am probably one of the only people in the world who doesn't like "Outlander". I have tried and tried and tried, and can't get through the first book.

I own it, so I'll probably try again some day. Don't know why... it's not like it's going to change.

I HATE books where the H/H are apart for long periods of time in the book. Backstory separations? Fine. But when I'm reading, I want to see them interacting. I just tossed a Joann Ross because the H/H hadn't met by page 65, were in fact in completely different states. It drove me nuts, so I stopped reading.

And the writing in "Outlander" just dragged for me. I was bored.

Am I weird?

Anonymous said...

I loved the latest episode of LOST. I've heard others (as opposed to The Others *g*) speculating that Locke was the guy flying past Hurley's accountant's window, but someone said that guy was falling differently. I couldn't say myself. And I think Jack thought he could honestly bring back help. But if Locke hadn't blown up the sub, I think Ben would have come up with a different way to keep Jack & Juliet from leaving.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I haven't tried Gabaldon. Just not my kind of story.

I don't think Locke was the one in Hurley's flashback only because Locke was in an apartment and Hurley was in an office. Do they mix them out there in the LA area?

I think either Jack was sure he'd be able to come back with help, or something else is going on.

My dh called the father being there right before they revealed it. I wonder how long they've had him.

MJFredrick said...

Marianne, if I tried to read the books now, I wouldn't get through them. The style is so.....I dunno. The books are very bloated. Yesterday I listened to hemorrhoids, today was hookworms and malaria. Honestly, is she going to go through EVERY malady from the 1700s (which isn't even my favorite time period ANYWAY and Jamie is a GRANDFATHER!)

As for the h/h being apart, the ending of Outlander was heartbreaking. And I don't remember when they got back together in the second book, but 20 years apart....

Tori, I'm sure my son could figure out if the guy and Locke were falling the same - boy is obsessed. You're right - Ben would have found another way.

Natalie, I said the same thing about the apartment/office. And my dh called the dad in the closet, too.

Trish Milburn said...

I loved Outlander, and I'm up to Drums of Autumn, which I've actually had set aside for quite some time now. I agree that the books are bloated at times, but I still really like Jamie. And I like Roger too, at least so far.

MJFredrick said...

I don't MIND Roger, but after Jamie, ya know....

Kinda like George after Denny ;)

Deborah Beckers said...

I don't know what you are talking about.

J&C are living HAPPILY EVER AFTER in France.

There are no other books.


Seriously - there aren't. They went through WAY too much in the first one to have to go through ANYTHING else.

One book.

MJFredrick said...

Deborah, LOLOL!!!

I wish I'd taken that philosophy before I started this monster, but I'm 6 CDs in and invested ;)


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