The Return

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The Return was the worst movie I've ever seen that didn't have one of my crushes in it.

What is The Return, you ask? And well you should. It came out in the fall, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar (BUFFY!) and was set in La Salle and Luling, Texas. No movies are ever set there, and why this one was...who knows. Sam Shepard was in it (mighty = fallen) which was a bonus for me.

First, it was incomprehensibly told, and my dh, who has the terrible habit of asking "Now what's going on?" because he's on his laptop instead of paying attention, got dirty looks instead of answers.

Second, it was the longest 85 minute movie ever....slowwwwwwwwww. So me, being someone who doesn't try to figure things out ahead of time, started trying to figure out why it was happening.

Every idea I came up with was better than the ultimate resolution, which was so completely random. RANDOM! Grrr.

So I was done by 8:30, started watching the Tivoed American Idol and was done with it by 9:10. That's right, that's how much padding is in that show. Really liked Jordin and Blake.

Today we have a field trip to the Aggies' basketball practice (here for March Madness) and tonight I'm going to the Spurs game with Baby Brother (he won tickets.) A sporty day!

And I'm blogging about trusting yourself at Wet Noodle Posse

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Kelly Boyce said...

I don't even remember hearing about that movie. I like Sarah Michelle Geller, but not enough to sit through 85 minutes of torture. I'll just pop in a Buffy DVD instead!

MJFredrick said...

DEFINITELY the Buffy DVD! Terrible movie, really terrible.


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