20 more days

The countdown continues….

3 more Fridays
3 more Thursdays
4 more Mondays
4 more Tuesdays
4 more Wednesdays

4 more mornings of duty.
14 more lunches to make.
One field trip.
One talent show.
One field day.
No more trips to the school library (inventory starts next week) and one more to the public library across the street.
One more story in the reading book.

Did I mention I might move to 4th grade with these kids? Loop with them? I’d keep the same class, complete, and perhaps get my GT (gifted and talented) hours and add three more kids from Cindi’s class. It would be hard to leave my unit, but I have only had three classes in 17 years that I was so fond of, and who knows when I’ll have such a group again? And seriously, y’all, I miss these kids on weekends. At least if I know I’ll have them again, I can look forward to next school year.

So, why am I counting down?

I’m tired. I fell asleep at 7:30 last night.

The drive – 30 minutes each way. Tiring AND expensive, though now I’m riding with my mom who teaches at the school across the street (it isn’t as convenient as it sounds, though we’ve been going to Starbucks everyday.)

I’m just tired of bring on a schedule. I want to be on my own time.

And when I do, I hope I can make the best of it.

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Dana Pollard said...

I enjoyed working, back in the day. Would I trade all the 'adult' conversations to have to report at a certain place at a certain time? No. I'd rather be surrounded by children all day long in my own home. Yes, I go crazy, but I get over it.

I think it's a give and take either way. I don't know how many children I'll have this summer, so I'm not counting down... yet. :)

You'll have so much fun if you get to stay with the group of kids you had this year. I can remember teachers who hated to see our class go.

MJFredrick said...

I've got plans if I get to keep my class....so many plans...We'll hit the ground running in August! Plus, we already know each other's routines, no time to waste learning them!

But yeah, I do hate having that schedule, though as the year passes, we're getting more and more lax. I was getting there at 7, now it's more like 7:35....leaving at 4, now it's 3:20....

Anonymous said...

Oh preach on sistah Mary! I can't wait!

MJFredrick said...

Kendra, when do y'all get out? When do you go back? I think next year we won't go back till after Labor Day, like the rest of the world. I do like having all of June off, though.


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