Ideas Running Around My Brain

Are there kinds of stories you wish you could write? Characters you wish you could write?

When I was watching The DaVinci Code, they were talking about the Knights Templar and October 13 and my writer's brain just perked up. Wow, wouldn't THAT be a great story? (My dear friend Elizabeth said Linda Howard already wrote the ultimate book on the subject, but still.)

Then I was reading Mr. Impossible, which ended up on my keeper shelf. The hero was just so irreverent. I LOVED him. I would love to be able to write a hero like that. My heroes are usually so serious, though they can have a wry sense of humor. This next one will be more serious.

I have so many ideas popping in my head - hopefully I can settle down soon write them.

What kind of stories would you love to write? What's stopping you?

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Stacy Dawn said...


Amie Stuart said...

LOL good answer STacy....yeah time is a biggie but the practical business side that says "maybe not a good idea right now" keeps me from it too.

Anonymous said...

Ideas pop in my head, too. What stops me? My other responsibilities in life.

Anonymous said...

I have TONS of ideas. But following through with them and having a publishable book seems to elude me. Of course, if I really buckled down...

Anonymous said...

Mar, what did you think of the Da Vinci Code film? We just saw it yesterday. I LOVED IT. I read the book two years ago and loved that, too. I'm not sure what film the reviewers saw, but they apparently didn't see the film I saw yesterday. It was loyal to the book in all the vital points, and very well done.


Paula said...

I love to read kick-butt political/spy thrillers with tough men and women doing what has to be done to save the world. Unfortunately, I don't even know anyone in the military, much less a spy, and I'm actually very shy, which hinders some of my research options. One day...I'll write one of those one day.

MJFredrick said...

Paula, I never thought I'd write military guys, either, but I've written one, and am about to write another. Fortunately, one of my cps used to be in the Army.

I agree that time and other responsibilities keep you from writing. I'm intrigued by Cece's comment about "Maybe not a good idea right now." Do you mean that it doesn't fit with your style? Another idea pulls at you more strongly?

Tori, should we do a challenge? Most of our shows are off for the summer....more time to write!

JoAnn, I didn't LOVE it, but I enjoyed it a lot. I thought it was a fun ride. My son LOVED it. I guess we'll be buying it on DVD ;)


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