Past, Present and Future

Yeah, I don't know what that title's about. I know all I want to do is go back to bed. My sister in law and I are the only ones in the family working today. I know, I shouldn't complain- in a week I get 10 weeks off. But I'm tired and cranky NOW!

So, I kind of started this last week, asking about what ideas you have and how they're different from what you usually write.'s what I have written:

A three-heroine/three hero story (600 pages!)
Two sports hero stories
A military hero story and a former military hero story
A single mom story
Two single dad stories (one is a sports hero)
Two reunion stories
One bad boy comes back to town story
One best friend story
Two firefighter stories (one is the best friend)
One amateur sleuth story
One futuristic (surprised me, too)
Two cop stories (one is a reunion story)

Here's what I've started:

A hostage story where a hostage falls in love with the hostage negotiator. It finalled in a contest - I don't remember which. I never finished it.
A Sex and the City type story.
A romance bringing Moulin Rouge into the present day
A story about a man whose father killed his mother. I tried to put romance into it and killed the magic. Stupidly didn't save the original.
An adventure story on a cruise

Here's what I want to write:

A Bermuda Triangle story - I just don't want to rip off Lost
A tornado chaser story - I know who he is, but not who she is.
A spy story with three potential heroes - including the villain.
A story about a mom who gives up everything for her kids, until she has a chance to make her dreams come true.

I've never written:

A story where the hero and heroine have a sexual relationship that turns to romance
A historical
A medical/office romance
A comedy
A secret baby/amnesia/marriageof convenience (though I have an idea for the latter). I did write a cowboy story when I was in middle school, though ;)

What have you written/never written?

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Anonymous said...

I HAVE written and completed:

A cop and woman in jeopardy romance
A marriage of convenience romance
A good girls tries out being bad and finds a bad boy wanting to be good romance
A paranormal romantic mystery (this one sold)
The start of the sequel to that one, another paranormal romantic mystery (this one is contracted)

I began but didn't finish:

Damien the Vampire (I promise, Mar, one day I will finish him)
A mistaken identity romance
A chick lit
A standard romance once targeted for SSE between an elementary school vice principal and the mother of a student

I'd still like to revisit these one day...but my exec. editor says the key is to establish myself now in my paranormal romantic mystery is for me for the time being.


Stephanie said...

wow, you've written so many great things! You should be so proud!

I've written:

- a marriage of convenience story (that will never see the light of day)
- a romantic suspense/paranormal
- A 3 pov women's fiction novel
- an erotic chick lit novel

what's in the hopper?

- a single pov women's fiction novel with an older-ish heroine (43)
- a single pov women's fiction novel with a heroine who skips out on her wedding
- a 3 pov women's fiction novel with erotic elements
- a straight suspense novel
- a historical (1st century)

Can someone help me decide what to write?? : )


Toni Anderson said...

WOW--look at those lists!! So impressive. Mine isn't LOL!

I have written:
one woman in jeopardy (kind of) story.
An erotic short story (just to see if I could :))

Currently in my head
Serial killer RS
Two Murder Mystery RSs
A Presents ???

Too many ideas!!
Not enough time!!!

Unknown said...

What I have written:

scifi romance about a cyborg female
Romantic suspense about an internet based serial killer

What's in the hopper:

Sequel to the scifi romance. Still workign out details
A scifi romance about a forbidden love between a warrior-priest and a scribe (started)
a vampire romance story (still world building on that one)
story about a college student and a under cover cop (started)
story about a hairdresser and a tv star (Started)
A HBlaze-type story about a girl working for her high school nemisis (started)

What I would probably never write (knock on wood):

Historical romance
time travel romance

What I would love to write:

A best seller! :)

Marianne Arkins said...

You got me thinking enough about this that I made it a blog post this morning (thanks! I had no clue what to write about).


MJFredrick said...

JoAnn, I'm holding you to the promise about Damien. I want to read the mistaken identity one, too - Phoebe, right? Or Phyllis?

Thanks, Bose! Which of those is at St. Martin's?

Toni, I absolutely know what you mean about too many ideas and not enough time! Maybe we should do a challenge?

Candice, wow, a cyborg female? Your Blaze sounds fun, too!

Marianne, great blog!

Amie Stuart said...

Ummmmmm lessee...written:
2 contemporary westerns, and two more not finished (complete with hot sex)--one is an internet romance, one is a marriage of convenience, one is a bad girl brings alpha male to his knees, one is a marriage in trouble (hey it's a series).

Another internet romance that's more chick lit with a plus size heroine (also part of the series)
An erotic romance novella (spin off of the series).
SITC goes blue collar and gets power toys.
semi-paranormal novella (don't ask).
Neighbors to lovers Blaze (hoping to rewrite for ST erotic romance)
An interracial erotic romance.
a WF book about an adoptee who finds her BM (started) and the BM's story.

I want to write:
an alternate reality suspense
finish the two young adults I started (one paranormal)
an erotica about four divorced friends (proposal's done)
an erotic suspense (should be next - fingers crossed I can pull it off)

Stephanie said...

Hey Mary!

The erotic chick lit and 3 poc women's fiction novel are at St. Martin's. The women's fiction novel is the one that has moved one notch further up the chain... a chain that is ever so long!

MJFredrick said...

Cece, you are one busy lady! I'd love to read about the bad girl bringing an alpha to his knees!

Bosey, I've got everything crossed for you!!!


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