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I just watched Last Holiday with Queen Latifah, and it was so good! I just loved her character, and the secondary characters - no one was cardboard, IMO. She's diagnosed with lesions on the brain, takes all her money out of savings and blows it. But as she does it, she affects all these people along the way, and it's just really nice. I had one bone to pick at the very end, when one of the people she changes doesn't show the change, but minor. I liked it very much, and she's just so beautiful.

Here's the evil kitty. Doesn't he look evil?

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Nikki said...

That kitty doesn't look evil ... you're making it up.

I've been putting off seeing Last Holiday so glad to hear it's good ... will have to check it out. And LL Cool J is hot, so if it has eye candy, I'm in!

MJFredrick said...

LOL - this kitty willl jump on the back of the computer chair, whack me on the back of the head and run off. Evil, I tell you!

I really really liked the character - she was totally someone I would like to be. And her relationship with LL was sweet, though mostly at the beginning and the end.

Amie Stuart said...

Evil kitty's are fun!

I watched that movie tonight! it was SO GOOD!!!!!!! I agree about the end but I also think he was pretty true to character too =)

MJFredrick said...

Evil Kitty has not come home tonight. Sigh. But yes, he is fun to watch, especially when he's bouncing off the walls. Literally.

Cece, I think it's cool you knew just what I was talking about! Wasn't it a cute movie??


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