If You Tivo'd Grey's Anatomy Last Night, Skip This Post

What a night! I took my shower early and the dh comes banging on the door. "Your show's on!" (He likes it too - don't let that fool you.) So they replayed Sunday's show which helped me understand Izzy a bit better, her desperation.

Then the first hour last night - will they get the heart, won't they get the heart? Will she kill Denny? What are the consequences going to be? I was sitting cross legged on my couch, leaning toward the TV. Poor Denny, lying there while the interns are running around. I wondered how long it would take Bailey to notice they were gone. You know how it gets on my nerves when Jack from Lost cries all the time? Doesn't get on my nerves when Denny cries.

And Burke - all he wanted was Christina by his side and she just didn't have it in her. A nice thing about an ensemble cast is that you got to see his relationship deepen with McMeany.

Then, the second hour. The interns covering for each other, except, of course, Alex, who was needed comic relief, especially during the planning of the prom (which was weird, okay? Considering they didn't even show the niece that much!) Even Bailey was pretty funny when she came into the prom planning and started barking orders like she always does.

Denny was alive, sitting up, had proposed. The way he looked at Izzy melted my toes. When she came back in and said, "My turn," and his whole face lit up. And Bailey chased her off.

The interviews with the interns - OMG, really showed their personalities. George and his philosophy, Alex and his I-don't-give-a----, Christina and her need to be aloof. I loved the chief's response to that - "I don't want to be responsible for making you less human." Then Meredith turns the tables on him. I can just see him after the interviews, all muddle-headed, especially after listening to George, who always goes off in left field.

And then, oh, and then.....that last commercial break was the longest, EVER! I thought it was interesting the way we found out - Callie coming for Meredith and Bailey going to the chief. And then Izzy, not crying, and then crying and Alex, of all people, picking her up and carrying her and comforting her (and yes, you know I was in love). Y'all, I should have taped it because I was SOBBING. My son was looking at me so weird, and my dh saying, "You know this is FICTION," and I'm sobbing, "But he LOVED her and she LOVED him and he made her feel like HERSELF!" And then Izzy quitting and damn, I really like her because she risked EVERYTHING for what she believes. Even Christina learned that. I guess we'll have to wait till September to see if Meredith does.

Anyway, awesome, awesome show, awesome, awesome writing. I think what really got me is that they surprised me. He had the transplant, he was sitting up, he was happy, and then BOOM.

On the downside, I think I missed the first 15-20 of 24 last night - thought the Pres would be on longer, so set the timer for 8:15 or 8:20 - not sure which.

Good Morning America is showing a lost scene from last night's episode, and Alex himself is on The View today.

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Anonymous said...

I usually don't cry at movies and tv and the like . . . but that episode last night had the tears welling up in my eyes . . . waaaa.

Mike Mazzo said...

I cried so hard I couldn't breathe through my nose. I really, really, really liked Denny. And Izzy is an incredible actress. I wanted them to have a wonderful future together. Husbands. Mine is the same way. 'It's not real.' Of course, it's not! I know that. Sort of.

Anonymous said...

24 didn't come on until about 8:20, so you should be safe. :)

MJFredrick said...

Whew - thanks, Tori! Now to see if 24 can redeem itself after last week.

Bonnie, wasn't it well done? Did it surprise you?

Sara, exactly!!! And my dh even likes the show - he just didn't get how invested I was in Denny and Izzy. Every week I would say, "I hope this isn't the week Denny dies." I even cried some more this morning when we were talking about it at work (only a couple of the 4th grade teachers watch it.) Izzy and Denny were just so blasted happy....at least he died happy. I wonder when the season will come out on DVD - I want it NOW.

Anonymous said...

*sniff* I just couldn't believe they killed off Denny--that gorgeous smile!! And Meridith and McDreamy..OMG..who will she go with? Anyone else feel totally sorry for Addison?

And poor poor puppy. That was too sad.

Plus, how hot is Chris O'Donnell these days? :-D

MJFredrick said...

Gosh, Alex, you read my mind! I love Denny's smile.

I feel sorry for Addison. I like her. I didn't at the end of last season.

And Chris O'Donnell - I didn't even recognize him when he came on! (No Robin suit with nipples, I guess.)

April said...

OMG, I cried so hard, my eyes were swollen this morning. But hubby expected it once he saw Doc was getting put down. Then the whole thing with Denny... totally didn't see that, not after the heart transplant. Of course after all the bickering recently I didn't foretell Meredith going at it on a table with Derick either.

Can't wait till September, that's for sure!

MJFredrick said...

Hey, yeah, my eyes were all dry this morning, too. Had to be from crying. Poor Izzy.

I didn't foresee McDreamy and Meredith, either. I thought she'd be stronger.


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