Rumor Has It

The mail came, with this movie, and so I watched it. It was....okay. I just don't get why they set it in 1997. I mean, I do, because clearly they didn't want a heroine, so to speak, close to 40. Or the Kevin Costner character close to 60. Or the grandmother character close to 80. Still, the whole movie felt kind of off because of that. But I thought KC was charming, and JA is so beautiful.

But I would have written it differently.

I think Hollywood definitely needs to look elsewhere for its romantic comedies.

Her dress at the Casablanca night was really cool, though.

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Dana Pollard said...

I have a dress like that, same style, but in an ecru color. I want to see that movie, but I too will probably feel like I could have done better. Saw Tristan and Isold this week and was verra, verra upset. I KNOW I could have done better...

Anonymous said...

Cool dress. I love The graduate and the ick factor of Grandma, Mom kept me from seeing RHI. Hope you're feeling okay.

MJFredrick said...

Ooh, Dana! You have a dress like that? I bet you look great in it!

The movie was just eh. KC was pretty charming, so I didn't gross out on it. And they paralleled her story to her mother's, which was good. But Last Holiday was definitely better.

I'm going to rent The New World and Munich today.


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