A reward? I think not.

I reached my goal on my revisions yesterday and took the evening off to watch The New World.

Deadly dull, IMO. Lots of slow walking. Lots of choppy scenes, though beautiful scenery. More voiceovers than dialogue, but I don’t know if it was my DVD, but I could hear very little. The music bugged the heck out of me.

If you’re watching for Christian Bale (who was, okay, REALLY handsome in this), he doesn’t show up till the last 45 minutes. They did, however, do a good job with sexual tension without hardly any kissing.

So glad I didn’t see this in the theater, though.

Today, The DaVinci Code, revise 70 pages and the sucknopsis. Tonight, Munich. That movie is almost three hours!!

I'm also blogging at WNP today - you know I never have a shortage of things to say!

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Oh, and why didn't anyone tell me about this show???

Into the Firestorm

It got me all fired up for revisions!


Dixie Belle said...

My son went to see the Da Vinci Code and he liked it, along with his friends, who praised it. Which is contrast to the critics who gave it bad reviews.

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo on reaching the goal for your revisions, Mary!!! :)

Stacy Dawn said...

Good for you on reaching your goals! And good luck with the next set.

Amie Stuart said...

I refuse to see Davinci until I read the book *sigh*

Just when I thought i was out of tv hell, I see commercials for The 4400! ARGGGGGGGGGG

Rene said...

Good for you on your revisions.

I'm still reading the Da Vinci Code then we will see the movie.

I watched Batman Returns last night just for Christian. He is so handsome. I don't know if I'll be able to see "The New World." I can't stand Colin Farrell.

MJFredrick said...

I really enjoyed The DaVinci Code. My dh and I have read it, but I didn't remember very much. The movie pulled me in. My son and I both thought it was clever story-telling.

I finished revisions on the book, now I have to do the sucknopsis. Bleh!

Cece, LOL on The 4400! I didn't get started on that one, thank goodness!

Rene, Colin was quite sullen in this movie. His hair was pretty, though.

April said...

Congrats on the revisions goal! Woo Hoo!

Should have warned you about A New World. You were dead right about it. We went to see it in the theater and I thought I was going to go out of mind.

MJFredrick said...

Thanks, April. The New World was quite painful...several times I thought I'd turn it off. Instead, I wrote my blogs ;)


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