Chapter Meeting Tonight

Yeah, I know, big whoop. But here's the thing. I know I've whined a bit about my chapter here, and tonight's meeting is a brainstorming session about what we want from SARA. Apparently we're going to fill out something called an Octopus chart? Have any of your chapters done this? You tell what you like, what you would like to improve, and add a wish list of three things.

Do any of you have any cool programs in your chapter that you really like? I'm just unsure of what I want from my chapter right now (and honestly, making it to the May meeting is more than I can do most years - this time of year is just stressful). Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

What did you think of American Idol last night?


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Anonymous said...

We sometimes do gift basket raffles, which is really fun. But I'm often not able to make the meetings, due to my toddlers.

On Idol, I thought that Taylor did great. Elliott had moments. Katherine messed up a few times--seemed like her nerves got to her. She was okay, but not fabulous. We'll see what happens!

Peggy said...

I thought Katherine did beautifully on Over the Rainwbow. Taylor on the song Randy picked and Elliott didn't do well on any of his three songs. Hope Kat and Taylor are final two.

KATZ said...

I don't know if SARA already has something like this or not, but WHRWA has a PAL program (published authors...something). lol

A non-published member becomes a PAL for a published member and reviews their books at the meetings when they are released. The review is included in our chapter newsletter, and the "glowing" reviews are posted to Barnes&Noble and/or Amazon, too.

I think it's fun - it's a good way to hear about books coming out, and as a PAL, I get to read free books!

Maybe you already have this though...

Rene said...

OCC does all sorts of stuff, but it is a big chapter so intimate things are difficult. We do BIAW's, online classes, an occasional "field trip" and of course the chapter meetings. Our chapter meetings are big and usually feature great speakers. But when you have a chapter of over 400 members, you can get those kinds of things.

I'm part of a group starting a new local chapter and we are looking at trying to find activities which would appeal to a smaller group. If we come up with any, I'll share.

MJFredrick said...

We do raffles every month, usually small stuff like candles. I got a really nice book bag to donate this month.

Taylor's my guy. According to Zaba Search, he's going to stick around for the finals. He got me listening to The Commitments soundtrack today. I did not like Katharine's Over the Rainbow, but it was better than her others. Poor girl needs to loosen up.

Sarah, I witnessed the PAL program when I came to the Emily meeting, and I suggested that to the president. Thing is, no one wants to commit. Sad, huh?

Rene, we used to do BIAW, but no one would get into it, and no one wanted to moderate. We have guest speakers, the last one drove down from Austin to talk to 15 women. Attendance is terrible! I'll let you know what happens.

Toni Anderson said...

I'm nervous for Elliot. I think Paula sank him with that song choice! Taylor was great! My DH was talking about the committments LOL.

MJFredrick said...

I'm nervous for Elliott, too, but my dh teased me about not doing my part. Any one of the three is talented. Who was the third one last year? I remember Bo and Carrie...who else was there?


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