SWEEPS Month (Or, why I'm really taking a break in May) SPOILER WARNING!

I’m so glad I’m taking this month off because I can watch Sweeps Month without guilt. So much happening!!!

Grey’s Anatomy – am I the only one who didn’t recognize Chris O’Donnell as McVet? And for McDreamy to come in and assume…If Denny dies, I’m going to cry for a week.

24 – OMG, bad pilot, possibility of getting shot out of the air! Pres. Logan will do it, too, I have no doubt. Devane kills himself, Audrey is bleeding to death. Who is the guy running the thing behind the scenes, though? (Other than the jerky dr. from ER) They’ve kind of abandoned the real-time issue though, haven’t they? 4 more hours!

American Idol – no suspense, really. Chris or Katharine will win. I’m glad Taylor survived! He’s fun. Did anyone see the results show? Was there a bottom 2 or 3? Who else was there with Paris?

Alias – last week with Will and Anna ROCKED. This week, Nadia woke up from her coma. Yawn. Anna looks like Sydney, so the whole time, I’m wondering which is real Syd and which is Anna. Then Nadia goes to Sloan and tells him to choose Rambaldi or her. Guess who he chooses? I didn’t think it would be so bloody. I almost was sad to see Nadia go. And the French chick. Next week looks GOOOOOOOOD!!!

Lost. The minute it was over, I jumped off the couch and ran to email Trish. My email? Subject heading: OMG! Body: OMG!!! OMG!!!
Wow. Good episode overall, I looked up and saw it was ten till nine! Then all the shooting and the dying and now the female body count is up, and I want to know why! Also, Henry said Ana had killed TWO of the others. I know she killed the one on the hillside – who was the other one?? And man, Henry can play Locke like a flute, huh? I wish I hadn’t watched the previews for next week, though.

I’ve lost interest in Invasion. The only part I remember last night was the dying teacher.

I know I’m sick of my story when I don’t even want to look at a picture of Gerry….

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Anonymous said...

American Idol: It was a bottom two and it was Eliot in the bottom with Paris.

Trish Milburn said...

LOST was so shocking in the last few minutes! I don't know why I'm always surprised that they surprise me.

Anonymous said...

The ending of Lost blew me away!!! So did the Others turn Michael, or what??? Wow!

As for what Henry said to Ana Lucia, did he say she'd killed two Others, or did he just say she'd killed two people? Though, actually, she's killed three that we know of. The dude from her flashback, Shannon, and Goodwin the Other.

KATZ said...

Not reading the lost spoiler!!! But, I don't mind the pic of Sawyer! :)

Amie Stuart said...

LOL Mary my email to Mik last night--the subject line said OMG! and the text said darn near the same thing yours did. I nearly fell off the freaking couch!!!!!!

Did anyone call the phone #?

Jill Monroe said...

LALALA - I'm listening about Lost. I have one more and then I'll be caught up!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Did he say she KILLED two people, or two of them are dead because of her? Because Nathan from Canada was never confirmed as a decoy, I don't think.

At the time, I thought he was talking about the two Eko killed.

Alias surprised me, but didn't shock me. Lost totally shocked me.


TrishJ said...

Libby won't croak. I mean, she can't, for Hurley's sake. Hurley is my IDOL. Only Hurley can say a zillion things with the word, "DUDE!"

And dude, HOT SAWYER SEX! Anna Lucia had to die. I mean, she couldn't get any better than hot sawyer sex unless she got a threesome with Sawyer, Jack and Sayed.

Alias...I'm watching out of loyality at this point, though seeing Will kick butt last week was just too sweet.

MJFredrick said...

Thanks, Bonnie! I actually liked Elliot's first song. The birthyear song was pretty depressing - even Taylor is 10 years younger than me!

TrishM, exactly - we shouldn't be shocked by the shocks. Maybe the past few episodes have been too tame.

Tori, as for the two, Henry said something about her killing two that had just been doing their job, that they'd been good people. Natalie will probably know better. I don't think they turned Michael, just made him desperate to get Walt back, and Jack wasn't much in the mood to help, I guess.

Sorry, Sarah and Jill! That's why I posted spoiler in big letters - I hate being spoiled, and I've spoiled Angel for a friend, and BSG for Trish.

LOL, Cece! I didn't even notice the phone number. My dh said something about it today. He's haunting some website...Hanso something.

Natalie, I know - LIBBY!!! I really liked her and was looking forward to Hurley making the connection with where he remembered her. I thought you'd be cheering over Nadia's end.

TrishJ!!! LOL about Hurley's Dude! (Y'all, TrishJ's blog is titled "DUDE!") And YES on the hot Sawyer sex, though I totally saw the swipe coming. And also yes on last week's episode rocking, with the return of Will and Anna. My son saw the "previously on Alias" bit, and yells, "Zoe!!"

Rachel Vincent said...

Okay, am I the only one who wasn't surprised by Lost? I saw that coming. Anna Lucia, at least, but not Libby.

And I'm pretty sure I know what Michael's up to. If anyone's interested in my theory, email me. I'll be glad to share and discuss...

Amie Stuart said...

I did hear on the radio this AM that both Libby and Anna Lucia both knew their contracts were for one season only, so sadly, poor Hurley Dude (I love that word) won't be getting any of hot Libby!

Rachel I heard a great theory on the radio this am but the previews for next week make it hard to swallow (please dont kill mr. eko!)

Something else they mentioned on the radio this am is that every time someone "accepts" their burden (IE Shannon wanting unconditional love), they die (except libby whose burden we know nothing about--or I missed that one)...

MJFredrick said...

Man, Blogger is giving me fits!

Rachel, I'm interested to hear!

Cece, that's VERY interesting about once someone accepts their burden they die. That kind of feeds the whole purgatory argument, though we've heard from the writers that's not it.

MJFredrick said...

Also, I hope they don't kill Eko!!!


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