It's Official - I'm a Girly Girl

It was the gel souffle that did it. Gel souffle! For your skin!

I've never been much of a girly girl. I mean, I wear make up and dresses and sandals and earrings and bracelets, but Bath and Body Works used to flummox me. Those counters at the departments stores? I didn't even glance over. And manicures and pedicures? Heck, I can barely sit still for a haircut!

Three things happened this year that shifted my way of thinking. First, Colleen sent me a goody bag with sugar scrub, bath oil, cuticle cream and nail polish. It was just such a fun surprise! And smelled soooo good (it was orange-y. I don't remember. I used it up pretty quick.) I got addicted to sugar scrub - a very nice exfoliant. I've made two batches of my own, though I can't make it smell as good as that batch.

Then, my friend Sarah at school is ALWAYS talking about girly stuff. She's very girly, and used to work at one of those counters in the mall. She's talking about lotions and salt scrubs and pedicures, and did I mention I adore her? You know how when you adore someone, some of the things she likes rubs off on you?

And then, JoAnn gave me a Bath and Body Works gift card for my birthday. I was going to be absolutely practical. I got my foot scrub. But I also got this sea silt or something for the bathtub. Uh, addicted.

My uncle gave me a gift card to Walmart for my birthday, and when I went, they didn't have any of the blouses I liked anymore. What did I buy? CDs? DVDs? Plants? Nope - nail polish and eyeshadow. And foot cream.

My brother and sister in law gave me a gift card to Target. I saved it till yesterday (can you believe it?) I wanted the resin Adirondak chairs they had on sale. They were out. (I TOLD my dh we needed to go Sunday - did he listen??) What did I buy? Scented candles, the summer scented ones (note to anyone interested - they are NOT very scented, not for $6.50 apiece!)

Then I had a coupon for a free lotion at Bath and Body Works. You had to spend $10 and you got a free $8 bottle of lotion, and Sarah was talking about the pomegranate martini lotion. What Sarah has, Mary has to have. Did Mary get the antibacterial soap, 5 for $10? No, but she wishes she had! I got the sample pack of all those sea silt products, including the gel souffle, which smells really good and also makes your skin feel soooo smooth.

So. I turned into a girly girl when I wasn't even looking!

Are you a girly girl? What do you indulge in?

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Dana Pollard said...

I am the biggest girly girl! Everything has to match, along with purse and shoes. Lip gloss has to be on... all the time. My hair perfect. And I wear pink almost every day.

When I do laundry... I have whites, tans, darks... and one big ol honkin' load of pinks. ;)

Anonymous said...

When I can scrape together the time and money, I love a half-day at a spa. It's embarassingly frivolous and a prime example of our narcissistic society -- but I love it. I don't think of it as girly girl, so much as taking a bit of time to focus on myself rather than on anyone else. How many of us have put off something personal (like a doctor's appointment, meeting, a creative project, or even just shopping) because we couldn't easily fit it into our family/work schedule? It's not just women. I know men who do the same. A few hours "alone" to rejuvenate is powerful.

And cool shoes always work!

Colleen Gleason said...

Glad you liked the girly-girl stuff, Mary! I had fun putting it together.

I go through phases when I'm into that stuff--balt salts, scrubs, facials...I can always go for a day at the spa for a massage, facial, wax (no bikini, though, thanks) or something.

I don't go out of the house without wearing lipstick. I might have a baseball cap on to cover unwashed hair, or dirty sweats or jeans, but I gotta have my lipstick--it's my way of saying, "Yes, I look this way on purpose, and I care enough to put that finishing touch on. So Pffftt!"

Stacy Dawn said...

With so much testosterone in the house, I forget what being a girly girl is. My one girly extravagance is nail polish.

Anonymous said...

I love pedicures. I don't do nail polish on my hands, but I love to paint my toe nails. And I love bubble baths. :-) I wish I could do more with shoes and purses, but I don't very often.

Anonymous said...

LOL, Mary :)

Rene said...

I'm not much of a girly girl. I do indulge in a lot of Bath & Body Works stuff. But I don't do much in the way of make up and clothes. I don't wear cologne so I use a lot of scented shower gels. Right now I'm in a hippie chick mode and wearing patchouli-scented stuff.

Anonymous said...

God, KNOW how I am. :) I went to Bath and Body Works today and bought 2 cologne sprays and a bottle of lotion, which got me the shower gel free. I never leave the house without perfume and jewelry on. (And my my age, you gotta fill in your eyebrows before you face the public.) I always have nail polish on, both fingers and toes, even in winter when we have closed shoes. I love dresses, shoes, bags, shawls, you name it. Ross Dress for Less knows me on sight. I love to MAKE jewelry...a lot of things you've seen me wear, I've made them. I am a heavy duty girly-girl. But that's not a bad thing. :)


Anonymous said...

I love pedicures. nice!!

MJFredrick said...

I never wear lipstick. Drives Cindi nuts, but to me it just accents my ugly teeth. Perfect hair? Uhhh, I wore a ponytail today (we had a kickball game) and I didn't even realize the scrunchy didn't match anything till almost lunchtime. (Yes, I know, a scrunchy....sad. It's usually a clip, though.)

I do love pink, shoes, jewelry and painting my toenails. My next indulgence will be a bottle of OPI nail polish - I just love the names ;)

KATZ said...

This is a scary topic (eyebrows? can't remember the last time...). I'm a wannabe girly girl on the inside, but have no time, money, energy for it on the outside. Very low maintenance - and I try to make my dh aware of that often! :)

Makeup? Love to buy it, but would rather sleep an extra 15 in the mornings.

Clothes? I work with engineers. As long as the necessary parts are covered, I'm golden.

I use unscented Dove body wash, Bath&Body makes me sneeze...

I do love manicures and pedicures and getting my hair of these days when I have time...

Toni Anderson said...

My feet are ugly--I'm ashamed to take them for a pedicure!!!

I now have hair straighteners! And I use body lotion which I never used to. I love being a girl :)

MJFredrick said...

Sarah, LOL! I love to have my eyebrows done - they always look so much cooler than when I try it myself.

Toni, I have a hair straightener, too! Cindi and I both bought one. Neither of us use them.....


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