20 Things I Know About My Writing

1) I can’t write romance without an external plot.

2) I come up with my heroes first 90% of the time.

3) I always have a new idea before I finish my WIP.

4) Criticism can kill my love for a story.

5) I only write well when I have a chunk of time. I can’t write well in 15 minutes.

6) I write best after 10 PM, when I’m on vacation.

7) I write best at the computer – which surprises me because I used to write everything longhand. I rarely use my Alphasmart, though I have lately to get through a tough scene. I still like cook pens and notebooks, though.

8) I don’t delete anything permanently. I have files of cut scenes for each of my books. Some of them are over 300 pages long.

9) I’m really particular about character names.

10) I can’t give up reading when I’m writing.

11) I used to write large casts, but now I can’t keep track of them now.

12) I’m a terrible housekeeper when I’m in a story…which is bad, since I’m either writing, stuck, or researching.

13) I have notebooks for each of my stories, with covers and everything, including my research.

14) I go to the library for research and sometimes have to get people to help me carry the books to my car!

15) I love writing new. I’m less enamored of revisions.

16) Endings give me fits. So do love scenes.

17) I have a charm bracelet for writing. I have charms for Surface, DLB, Hot Shot, Midnight Sun, Where There’s Smoke and two of my Golden Hearts.

18) I’ve targeted almost every line at HQ/Silhouette: Desire, Temptation, Super, SIM, Intrigue, Bombshell, HQN, American, Special Edition, and Mira.

19) I feel guilty when I’m not writing. ALL the time.

20) My grandmother was my biggest fan. I miss giving her a cleaned up copy of my latest book and hearing her tell me I was the next Nora Roberts.

Now you. Here or on your own blog.

I watched this yesterday for inspiration. He’s still very very inspirational.

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Janice Lynn said...

Great post, Mary, & definitely makes me think about my own writing. Hmmm, may have to make a list, too. :)

Toni Anderson said...

Gosh Mary, I could just copy your list--seriously that is me, except for the charm bracelet and now I'm even tempyted by that LOL. Shoot me now, stalker material!!

KATZ said...

I'm just going to repeat your list too!! :) Especially these four!

3) I always have a new idea before I finish my WIP.

4) Criticism can kill my love for a story.

5) I only write well when I have a chunk of time. I can’t write well in 15 minutes.

6) I write best after 10 PM

Marianne Arkins said...


Thank you. I had no clue what to write about on my blog today. So I took your challenge and wrote about this!

I'm sorry about your grandma... that must be so hard, on so many levels.

MJFredrick said...

Thanks, Marianne. My grandmother and I were sooo close. Sometimes I start to pick up the phone to tell her something, and she's been gone almost two years.

Anonymous said...

In number 7 you mention your AlphaSmart.

I don't know what I'd do without mine. Most of the major scenes in my novel are written first on my AlphaSmart. It's portability means that I can turn anywhere into my office. One of my favourite places to write is the beach... can't get much better than that for an office.

MJFredrick said...

I think I just haven't given my Alphasmart a chance. But I don't like the keyboard - it's very sticky compared to my iMac keyboard. I really have to hit the keys. But it is nice to be mobile sometimes.


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