Do Me, Do My Roots

My friend Tracy gave up buying books for Lent, so she’s looking for some good suggestions. I’m going to help her out.

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I really loved Do Me, Do My Roots by Eileen Rendahl. I bought the book because I met Eileen at RWA in NYC, when we were waiting to get into The Today Show. She’d just sold the book then, and by Dallas, it was out in print. I bought it at the literacy signing. It sat on my TBR shelf for 2 years. I’m not a big fan of chick lit, but I did want to read what Pocket was buying.

My other friend Kris read it and recommended it (okay, GUSHED about it), so I pulled it out.



It’s the story of three sisters who meet regularly to do each other’s roots, make a girls’ night of it. The heroine (OMG, I forgot her name, and I loaned the book to Cindi, since she’s the youngest of three girls like the heroine) is recovering from the loss of her husband, who died of a brain tumor. The description of what she went through is just so heartwrenching. I particularly loved the scenes at the survivors support group. She has a daughter, and her husband’s best friend is on hand, needing the connection in his own way. Everything is through her eyes, and we feel everything she feels. Everything.

She has a controlling older sister who falls for a younger man, a musician, a vivacious middle sister, a nurse who found herself married to a drug addict.

Her parents are loving but quirky (and I mean that in a good way.)

There is romance, there is humor, there is sadness (at one point, I was SOBBING. Sobbing. Can you remember the last book that made you sob?)

It certainly deserved its Rita nod last year.

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Toni Anderson said...

That sounds so good!!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. It's on my keeper shelf.

J.F. Cossey said...

That sounds awesome Mary and I'm even tempted to read it... and I do not read chick lit... ever.

BTW, the last book that made me sob was Elegy for a Lost Star by Elizabeth Haydon. It involved the sacrifice of a dragon -- really took me by surprise, but happily so.

ps/ I'm in Alberta now... and, um... likely pregnant. :) Will know for sure next week.:)

MJFredrick said...

JESSIE!!!!!! HOW EXCITING!!!!!! Wow, your life is changing so fast, once you took that chance, huh???

Tracy Montoya said...

Thanks, Mary! It sounds great. I actually just realized that I've read Eileen before--Balancing in High Heels. She does great characters.

J.F. Cossey said...

Mary, I know!!! But I couldn't be happier. :)!!!

MJFredrick said...

Balancing is on my wish list, as is Un-Bridaled.

Amie Stuart said...

Mary if you liked that, check out Good Grief. It's also about a young widow who has a total breakdown. I know it sounds sad but it's hysterical and just *so* well done. If you've ever lost someone close to you, you can relate to a lot of it...It's on my keeper shelf and I can't wait for her next book!

MJFredrick said...

Cece, who wrote it??

Amie Stuart said...

DUH! Lolly Winston.......It was an original small HC from WArner last year and just came out in PB this month I think.


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