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Pictures from Fiesta:

Me and Cindi

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Cindi and her family

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The boy

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My GH dress – won it on eBay last night

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Two of my friends had to put their cats down this week, Paula and Esri. As a cat person, this made me sad. So I thought I’d introduce you to my kitties.

Dukey is my eldest, about 6, I think. I hate her name. My husband and son named her after that Budweiser commercial, you know, the “WHASSUP?” commercial? “Yo, Dukey!” I wanted to name her Precious.

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Dukey has always been a little different. She was born on my son’s bed, and her mother had a little trouble getting the sack off, so Dukey’s different. She has these eyes that are straight at the top, and she knows things. She hardly ever talks, will sometimes mew when she’s running up and down the hall, spazzing out. She also likes standing upright on her back legs at the back door and pawing at the glass. She doesn’t want out. She doesn’t like to be outside, unless we’re out there. We don’t know why she does it.

She sits at the dinner table with us, in the chair next to my husband, and looks at him adoringly.

If the alarm goes off in the morning and we don’t get up, she comes in and jumps on the bed.

She was not happy when we brought the other two home, but she adjusts. She would love to be the only cat.

YaYa is a cat. She was a rescue kitty, wandering around my Land Cruiser one night after the Christmas PTA meeting. A big cold front was coming in, already there was wind and lightning and I couldn’t leave her there. She was so sweet, she came right up to me. So I scooped her up and put her in the car. I told one of the kids my husband would kill me for bringing home another cat. The next morning that child was at my classroom door, waiting for me to make sure I was okay ;)

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YaYa is a great lap kitty. She’s little and light, and she really likes to curl up on you when you’re wearing black. She’s very talkative. And has horrible breath. She loves to sleep belly to belly with my husband. She likes to go outside, but not for long. She comes in filthy. But usually, she’s a lady.

Then there’s The Boy. Napoleon. Named after Napoleon Dynamite. I got him last year, the week before my birthday. He was about 4 weeks old and I had to bottle feed him. He was so covered with fleas and flea bites that he was bumpy to pet. (Gross, I know)

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He is a Jerk. He is 100% boy. He picks on the girls. He lays in wait for the door to open so he can run out. He attacks the dog. He attacks us if we aren’t looking. He sleeps on the back of the computer chair. Even getting fixed didn’t calm him down much. But he sure is pretty. Isn’t that typical of the bad boys?

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Not a kitty, but I can’t leave out Stormy.

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She’s the best dog, good natured and eager to please.

Who do you share your house with?


Stacy Dawn said...

Awww they are so cute!

Love, love, love the dress!

We got a big old play thing named Riley. He's about 75 pounds but thinks he's a lap dog.

Peggy said...

Your pets are adorable as well as "the boy". Good looking kid.

Nice choice in dress. Very pretty.

I live with my dog, a faithful German Shepherd guard dog and our cat who thinks it's a dog. We recently lost our other dog. He only lived with us for a year, but he didn't like the baby---which didn't please the German Shepherd who is very protective. Some pretty nasty fights occurred in our little home.

Paula said...

Aww, pretty cats. Napoleon is gorgeous.

I live with two dogs and seven cats. When my mom, my sister and I moved into my parents' house after my father died, we blended three households-full of cats. (We've lost five of those cats to old age since 2002--it's been a rough four years).

Trish Milburn said...

Sorry to Paula and Esri on your kitties. :(

Hey, now I know what Cindi looks like. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the kitties that were lost. :(

Mar, your dress is glorious. Perfect for you in every way!

NO FRIED OREOS? What the heck is wrong with those people? EEk! :)

I share my space with Pippin, our little yellow tabby. He came to us as a stray right around the time The Two Towers came out and my kids were wild about all things LOTR...hence, the name. He never really grew up. He is an outdoor cat only (DH is allergic), but he never leaves our property. He hangs around the back patio all day, and sleeps in the garden at night. He briefly had a girlfriend, but I hate to say that we caught him with her and it was clear he had no idea what to do. Poor Pippin. At least he isn't adding to the cat population around here. He is unique, sweet, loving, and as devoted as any dog could ever be. Nice kitty. :)


kris said...

No animals here, thank God. But your dress is BEAUTIFUL! Can't wayt to see you in it!

MJFredrick said...

Stacy, I wish Stormy was a little less hyper. Even though she's pretty good size, I think she'd be a good cuddler.

Aw, Peggy, your Shepherd sounds like a good dog, and LOL about the cat who thinks it's a dog. Napoleon eats Stormy's food - I wonder if he thinks that makes him tougher.

Paula, we had the same thing happen since we moved into this house - we've lost 4 cats. Three of old age and one I hit with the car ::::cringe::::

LOL on finally seeing Cindi, Trish!

Kris and JoAnn, thanks for the compliment on the dress - I hope it looks as good on!

JoAnn, Pippin sounds adorable! I'm too protective of my kitties for them to go out, but then again, no one here is allergic, thank heavens!

Amie Stuart said...

OMG Mary your girl sounds like mine. She barely talks and she never wants to be petted but she'll scratch to go in and out like a dog (she's also been after the birds lately adn it's driving me nuts!), and she'll come to you just when you're busy to get a scratch on the head.

My boys are crazy!


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