Observations While Walking

So, I stopped making excuses and started walking this week. I’d like to lose 20 pounds by July so I don’t have to buy a new dress for the GH (I have one that I bought 3 years ago and never wore.) plus, I have all these capris I can’t wear unless I lose some pounds in the behind and belly.

Some things I noticed while walking…

We’ve been having beautiful evenings in South Texas but hardly anyone is outside! They could be in their backyards, sure, but I only saw one family outside and only 5 other people walking. Usually I’m guilty of the same thing, so I shouldn’t say anything, but come on, folks! Go outside!

When walking in your frumpy capris and old SARA shirt with a dog who doesn’t really understand the leash concept, don’t walk behind a very fit blonde. It’s just not good for morale.

People in my neighborhood did not get their dogs at the pound, like I did.

The drought is doing a number on the lawns. Usually park-like yards are having trouble coming back.

It’s quiet outside. Yeah, there’s the occasional airplane, and you can hear the buzz of traffic from the nearby highway, but no TV and no plinky-plinky guitar.

I don’t know what to do with no noise.

Walking makes me want to make home improvements. I like symmetrical garden designs and khaki and green house paint.

Every time I called my mom while walking, she was out to eat.

I told you, I don’t know what to do with no noise!

So, here’s to me keeping up the pace.

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Stacy Dawn said...

I'm not good with no noise either which is why my cd player is a must! I'm working my husband to get me an mp3 player for Mother's day LOL.

Esri Rose said...

Here's to you, period.

April said...

Kudos to you, Mary! I can't handle no noise either. Then I start making plans in my head and talking to myself. Next thing you know, I'm the loony lady up the street. I rely on an mp3 to keep me company while my doggie terrorizes the neighborhood cats :-).

Anonymous said...

LOL! There is always noise in my neighborhood. I live in suburbia and there's always cars or motorcycles going by. I should get out there a walk too. I have a good 20 to lose myself. Thanks for the Gerry picture, although I prefer a teeny bit of scruff on his face (unless he's the Phantom)

kris said...

Mary, I'm with those who say to bring your own music while you walk. I make a soundtrack for every book I write - burn it onto a cd (no mp3 for moi yet) - and listen to it while I walk. it keeps me in the mood of the story and sparks more idead than you can imagine, especially when I set it to shuffle.

Or of course, for a great walking tempo, nothing can beat the Grass Roots :-)

Anonymous said...

Mar, I've been walking two miles every day for over three years. I couldn't do without it. I walk and think, plan out new scenes, pray, talk to nature, and at times take the radio with me and catch up on some good downtime. I'm glad you're doing this. You'll feel great. I wish I could lose the 15 lbs I've gained over the last 18 months...sigh. But on the other hand, I look healthy now instead of gaunt. Go for that happy medium, Mar. I'd like to lose just five...yet it seems stuck! I've weighed my current weight for months now, and nothing budges it. So, I'm trying to embrace my 134 lbs as normal. :)


MJFredrick said...

Thanks, guys! I do have an MP3 player, and I forgot I have Ain't She Sweet by SEP from audible.com. Maybe I should do that, and wanting to know what happens next will keep me motivated while walking!

Leslie, I'm with you on the scruffiness. His lips are just a little too thick when not hidden by stubble.

Colleen Gleason said...

Good for you, Mary! You're inspiring me to get out there and do the same!

MJFredrick said...

Glad to be inspiration, Colleen! Spent the weekend working in the yard instead of walking - will get back to it tomorrow. I'm loving the longer evenings, though I hate the dark mornings.


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