Monday Chuckle

Slept GOOD last night, could have slept longer, though. Four day weekend coming up - whoo-hoo!

Do Me, Do My Roots by Eileen Rendahl is an awesome book. Not exactly chick lit, but really warm and sad and funny about three sisters. Highly recommend. I met Eileen in NYC while we were waiting to get into The Today Show (we were all late!) and she was so nice. She has three more books out now - Balancing in High Heels, Un-Bridaled and Petals on the Pillow.

I've decided I have to rewrite about 40 pages from the book from scratch, BUT I know what I'm going to do and it should help me expand the 50 more pages I need as well. Now, if it was only Thursday....

My friend Kris sent these to me - enjoy!

Foreign Expressions Twist
The following are winners in a New York Magazine contest in which contestants were asked to take a well-known expression in a foreign language, change a single letter, and provide a definition for the new expression.

HARLEZ-VOUS FRANCAIS? - Can you drive a French motorcycle?

EX POST FUCTO - Lost in the mail

IDIOS AMIGOS - We're wild and crazy guys!

VENI, VIPI, VICI - I came; I'm a very important person; I conquered

J'Y SUIS, J'Y PESTES - I can stay for the weekend

COGITO EGGO SUM - I think; therefore I waffle

RIGOR MORRIS - The cat is dead

RESPONDEZ S'IL VOUS PLAID - Honk if you're Scots

QUE SERA SERF - Life is feudal

LE ROI EST MORT. JIVE LE ROI - The King is dead. No kidding.

POSH MORTEM - Death styles of the rich and famous

PRO BOZO PUBLICO - Support your local clown

MONAGE A TROIS - I am three years old

FELIX NAVIDAD - Our cat has a boat

HASTE CUISINE - Fast French food

VENI, VIDI, VICE - I came, I saw, I partied.

QUIP PRO QUO - A fast retort

ALOHA OY - Love; greetings; farewell; from such a pain you should never know

MAZEL TON - Lots of luck

APRES MOE LE DELUGE - Larry and Curly get wet

PORTE-KOCHERE - Sacramental wine

ICH LIEBE RICH - I'm really crazy about having dough

FUI GENERIS - What's mine is mine

VISA LA FRANCE - Don't leave chateau without it

VENI VIDI VISA - I came, I saw, I bought

CA VA SANS DIRT - And that's not gossip

MERCI RIEN - Thanks for nothin'

AMICUS PURIAE - Platonic friend

L'ETAT, C'EST MOO - I'm bossy around here

L'ETAT, C'EST MOE - All the world's a stooge
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Stacy Dawn said...

Good luck. Thursday will be here before you know it!

Anonymous said...

Hehehehehe }:)

Toni Anderson said...

Good luck!!!

Isn't it nice though when you finally think--this is what I need to do??? And it all comes together???

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chuckle!

Dana Pollard said...

Those were cute!!! I too came to a lightening bolt moment regarding my WIP. No scratching pages yet though.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that book! I didn't know she had more out.
good luck with your pages and enjoy your short week.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the upcoming weekend! My Spring Break is coming soon...

Ooh, sorry. Didn't mean to drool all over your screen.

MJFredrick said...

Glad y'all enjoyed! I didn't get any writing done yesterday with the plumbing stress (not that I did anything but worry) but I am anxious to get back to it. I'd like to send it to Emily by my birthday.

Esri Rose said...

Great quips!

And that's my favorite pic of Gerard Butler so far! I like my men arty and sensitive looking.

MJFredrick said...

Yep, Esri, it is a good pic! I'm hoping to inspire JoAnn....

MJFredrick said...

Oh, and 24 - just....I want to know what they were thinking. And now Kiefer is signed for 3 more years....what else can they do??


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