30 More Days of School!

Yes, I know the counter says more, but it's counting weekends and our last holiday, Fiesta Friday. I can't wait to be on my own schedule. I can't wait to wear shorts every day. I can't wait to spend my mornings/evenings sitting in my Adirondack chair and writing/reading. Mom and I went to breakfast Monday, since we were off and we called it our summer preview. I told her once a week we'll go to breakfast and go hootin' and scootin' - a little harder now that the boys are teenagers. We'll just drag them along if they want to eat!

We had a nice SARA meeting last night, only less than 20 people! Still, we got in a good visit. And while the speaker was talking, I figured out who the heroine in my new WIP is going to be. I'm VERY excited. So I have the characters, just no names and no plot ;) Just as well, since I have only about three more scenes to go in DLB. No writing tonight, though, because baby brother is in a play, and we're going, and we're having my folks to dinner. Soooo, when I get home, I have to pick up dinner, clean the bathrooms and do the floors real quick. See why I can't wait for summer vacation?

As you can see, I finished Don't Look Down last night. I'm still a little confused, but it was 11:30, and I was waiting for the big storm they promised that never came. (Not in the book - in South Texas!)

A little story about Facing the Fire, the next book in my TBR.. After Hot Shot finalled in the GH in 2003, Susan Litman requested it at the conference. I sent it in October, I think, at the latest. I coordinated the Merritt that year, and Facing the Fire (then Slow Burn) was one of the entries. I read it, and it was good. It finalled. I mostly remember that the h/h were separated, I think, or divorced. Her hero was a smokejumper and mine is a hotshot. Shannon Godwin was my category judge, and by this time I learned she had Hot Shot. I mentioned this book to her, and asked if it would be a conflict, and she said no, there was plenty of room in SIM for two wildfire stories. Okay. When I contacted Gail to tell her Slow Burn was a finalist, she said it wasn't done yet. Meanwhile, Hot Shot finalled again. Gail won the GH that year for Where He Belongs, which came out in the fall in SSE. Shortly after the conference, she sold Slow Burn, too, which she said was unusual because she was writing for two lines, and usually Silhouette, doesn't like that. A few months later, Hot Shot was rejected.

So I'm looking forward to reading this book, but at the same time it kinda hurts, you know?

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait for summer! I especially can't wait to turn off the alarm clock. :-)
Congrats on finishing.
Hugs on the hurt. I hope you're able to enjoy the book, and maybe you'll see something that will help.
Thanks again for posting the link to Sherrilyn Kenyon's story about rejection. I needed it!

Dana Pollard said...

I know exactly what you mean by reading a book that is like yours (in a way) and yours got rejected. I've bought and read every Harlequin Blaze book that has been printed. I've wanted to be a Blaze author ever since I read the first book in the series. I read it and said, "This is how I write!" They just rejected me and gave me some advice: read our books and you'll know what we're looking for. hehe I had to crack up. Oh, if they only knew! :)

I'm ok with the rejection. Just because it doesn't fit as a Blaze doesn't mean it won't fit somewhere else.

I for one can't wait for summer either. Sleep is all I'm concerned about.

Toni Anderson said...

Ouch! That hurts.

What was confusing about DLD? I'm curious :)

I'm not looking forward to summer. And why can't kindergarten be full days and take 3 year olds???? LOL.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just wanted to tell you how much I like your blog. I came across it on Michele of SA's blog. Gerry doesn't hurt either. :)

Have a great weekend!!! *waving*

MJFredrick said...

Thanks, Kaitlin! Michele and I used to be in the same chapter - now we keep up through the blogosphere!

Mary Beth, EXACTLY about the alarm clock! And the book is good, really well done, with very different character voices (this is something I just started noticing). I keep thinking if they'd given Hot Shot that cover, I'd cry, especially since Gabe is so adamant about keeping his shirt on ;)

Dana, good luck with Blaze! Wasn't it Ann Voss Peterson who read tons of Intrigues, then wrote one and sold?

Toni, have you read DLD? I never could figure out where one of the characters stood. Was he working with the bad guy on the set or the big bad guy or was he trying to foil them? And the last scene? Who was good and who was bad??? Sorry for being oblique, but I don't want to spoil it. I liked Pepper, though.

Toni Anderson said...

Haven't read it yet LOL. Maybe the mystery was a set up for the next book?


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