Antisocial Behavior

I skipped my critique meeting last week because I was just overwhelmed. And feeling anti-social.

This week was not a good one for anti-social Mary.

Sunday, Easter. Church and then family dinner.

Monday, breakfast with Mom and Baby Brother. I know they’re family. But they wanted me to Talk To Them.

Tuesday, antisocial bliss.

Wednesday, chapter meeting.

Thursday, dinner with parents, Baby Brother’s play.

Friday, on the couch, with a movie and a box of Kleenex. Yes, sick on my bday, but not TOO sick. Just enough to not want to do anything.

Tonight, my birthday party. With more people. Who I like. Who want to make me the center of attention. And I may have mentioned that I’m a princess when it comes to my birthday.

But I am SOOOO looking forward to next week, when I can come home and burrow.

Is this a writer thing, or am I just lazy???

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Dana Pollard said...

It's definately a writer thing. I like to do a whole lotta nuttin'... A LOT. But real life gets ugly and I have to make an appearance. I do love those nuttin' moments though. May have one today if I can get all the laundry put away and the dishes done...

Hope you have a great time at your birthday party!!! And yes, you deserve to be the Center of Attention Princess.

Rachel Vincent said...

Happy birthday!

And I get like this too. As much as I love my friends and family, time I spend socializing is time I can't spend writing. At least, that's how I feel when I'm working on a rough draft.

I'll feel more like a social creature when the current book is written.

Have a great party!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It's a writer thing :) Have a great party, Mary!

Trish Milburn said...

Are you related to my husband? :) Really, I know what you mean. I come home from my chapter meetings, which I enjoy, and I'm just toast and have to take a nap. How goofy is that?

Toni Anderson said...

You sound peopled out :)

Enjoy the time alone and the party!!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

It's not a writer thing, it's just that so many writers have the thing.

Where being with people is only energizing to a point, and quite rapidly becomes draining. Once it starts draining, it drains much faster than it energized.

I'm the same way. Luckily my husband--not a writer--is the same way, so he understands.

MJFredrick said...

Peopled out....that was it, exactly. Also, as Rachel said, time spent with people is time not spent writing. Time getting ready for being with people is time not spent writing. And I always say I'll be better with the next book. I never am. And yes, Natalie, definitely draining, on top of being a rough week (testing) at school.

Trish, your husband and mine are a lot alike, and I do find myself with more of my dh's tendencies to close the door and shut the world out. But I don't want to not have friends, like him. He likes the people he works with, but doesn't hang with them.


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