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Calling a plumber today - looks like it's a root in the drain in the yard. The dh can't get past it with the snake he has and I NEED TO BE ABLE TO HAVE WATER.

Is anyone else having trouble keeping track of the days this week? I could have sworn today was Friday. Maybe because we're off tomorrow (which was supposed to be relaxing...)

So we haven't talked about TV in awhile. What's going on in my favorite shows?

Grey's Anatomy - well, since I just finished watching the first season last night and Sunday was a rerun, I don't remember where GA left off. I do know that a friend asked to borrow the first season DVD when I was done and I'm reluctant to let it go. Even the dh is hooked. Can no one tell me what is so addictive about this show???

24 - What do you think of the President Logan twist? Do you think they had that planned from the beginning? It just seems like they grabbed it out of thin air to me. Matt Roush from TV Guide has it worked out that Logan is having trouble following in the footsteps of Palmer, that he set it up to appear as heroic as Palmer, but it got out of hand. I just don't know. I'm still mad about Tony.

American Idol - Why did Elliott have to massacre my favorite Queen song? Even Anne Hathaway was more true to it in Ella Enchanted! Taylor cracks me up. I thought Paris was awesome, though, yes, scary. Who do you think will go tonight?

Bones - It just keeps getting better! Loved the desert episode. Love Angela. And David Boreanaz with stubble - yum.

Lost - Last night's episode was a bit, um, dull. I enjoyed it, seeing Rose and Bernard, and I understand why they showed it, but....dull. Till the end. Two weeks till the next one!

My Name is Earl - absolutely love this show. No matter what. The Juliette Lewis episode was funny and a little scary. I don't know if she's still married to a skateboarder, but she was, and Jason Lee was a skateboarder. Nice little tie in.

The Office - why do I enjoy a show that just makes me cringe to watch it?? I turn away from this almost more than I turn away from the surgery scenes on Grey's! But it is funny (and I never noticed it didn't have a laugh track till I watched Teachers and the laugh track threw me off) and I love hearing my son laugh at it.

What are your favorites, and are they keeping your attention?

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Marianne Arkins said...

I absolutely don't get the voting on American Idol. Really.

Hey, I see you're reading "Don't Look Down"... great book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. How does she (and Bob, I guess -- he did have something to do with it!) think up such unusual, unique and believable characters??? I'm so jealous.

Anonymous said...

GA: The last new one was the best ever. I loved George talking about Meredith to Thatcher while Meredith hid. And the kiss at the end. Whoa. Hot.

Law and Order: All of them have been HUGE disapointments this season.

Desperate Housewives is hit and miss. Nowhere near as good as it used to be.

I can't believe they moved Amazing Race to Wednesday at 7. I'll never get to watch it again. :-(

Hugs on the plumbing.

Peggy said...

Most of those shows I don't watch except Lost and American Idol. Favourite part of Lost, when Rose telss John (and us) in a round about way that she knew about his wheelchair state. It's about time that secret is slowly coming out of the bag.

American Idol, (you wrote this last night, right? Hope I'm not ruining it for you) I was hoping either Ace or Paris would go, or even better, Kelly.

Stacy Dawn said...

All day I thought yesterday was Thursday...couldn't get past it.

As long as they keep Chris and Kathleen in til the end, I don't much care about the voting right now.

Dana Pollard said...

Now that is a nice picture of Gerard. :) Verra nice.

Oh, I don't watch TV much.

Jill Monroe said...

la la la - I'm not listening about Lost. I have 2 weeks on my VCR just waiting on the dh.

KATZ said...

Jill - I'm not listening to the Lost comments, either!! Never had a chance to watch the show until we bought the Season 1 DVD - DYING for them to release Season 2!!

Love Amazing Race, Survivor, Apprentice - that's all I make time for during the week.

Best of luck with the plumbing Mary! I had a friend with a brand new house - first snake of the pipes showed gatorade bottles and other trash in there from the builders! Second time, SBC cut through her pipe to install a phone line - that was a hassle to assign blame!! :)

Anonymous said...

Re 24, I agree it seems like they pulled that twist out of thin air.

I enjoyed Lost but, yeah, it wasn't the most exciting episode.

Tracy Montoya said...

I LOVED the desert episode of Bones. The latest one about the pirate kind of blew, but all in all, I love the show.

I thought Ace was a complete horror show on American Idol, and I'm shocked Bucky went before he did.

Rene said...

I watch The Sopranos, Big Love and Desperate Housewives. Along with Jeopardy! that's about it. Mostly I watch movies on the pay channels. Oh, I guess I should say I watch a lot of Nickelodeon and PBS Kids too.

Toni Anderson said...

American Idol is a must in this house, and DH is getting me hooked on the amazing race LOL. I like Ace, but I hate his voice. CSI's and ER are still my viewing favourites, but generally I'm writing in the evenings (liek so many others). I always miss 24 though I love it (must get the DVDs) and I loved My NAme is Earle when I accidentally caught it--must track him down again. Great show.

Anonymous said...

Ace has got to go. He's creepy in a Michael Jackson sort of way. Eeesh. Nice looking but....keep your children away...

MJFredrick said...

Dang, I didn't realize - I never watch the results show because it's opposite Lost. I told you I can't keep my days straight! Bucky, huh? Bummer. I thought he was talented. Of course, they voted Gedeon off right away and the man gave me chills when he sang. Ace is icky, but his looks will keep him in. Can you believe my mom didn't know what American Idol was till today??

I like Paris. She's cute. Kelly creeped me out with Bohemian Rhapsody. Like she was channeling Lita Ford. Chris does have an amazing voice, doesn't he?

I'm kinda leery of Don't Look Down - it's a lot more Bob than Jenny than I thought. Of course, I've only read the first chapter.

Mary Beth, I'm so confused on my GA - who kissed who? I just saw the season one where Christina kissed Burke, his hands in her hair and all that, then the rerun this week was Alex kissing I don't remember who was kissing!!!

I hate that all the good shows are on Wednesday, though it does make up for having duty and tutoring.

Peggy, that was my favorite part of Lost, too! I thought we'd get a bit more action in the net, though. I liked last week, Hurley's story, much better.

I was hoping for more out of last week's Bones with the pirate story. The way the guys got all excited was cool, and I thought they did a good job with the diving info. Felt like they dropped the ball, though.

Y'all are funny about this picture. I don't really like him so clean shaven and without his grey hair.

Rene, I remember those Nickelodeon days. I didn't watch any grown up TV except Friends and Law and Order in those days.

Toni, Earl is on tonight!

Thanks for the luck and hugs on the plumbing - the plumber is coming in the morning. My mom took the day off so she let me bring my laundry over there and she washed it all for me! Even folded it! I love my mom. We may go over tonight to shower, or maybe just wait till tomorrow, since none of us have to work tomorrow ;)

Anonymous said...

Gads, Mar, I gotta admit...I don't watch much TV! I end up watching LOST later on the PVR. I am bad.

But I do spend time saying to myself, "Mary...THREE TIME GOLDEN HEART AWARD NOMINEE!"

Now that, I like to contemplate. :)


MJFredrick said...

Aww, JoAnn, you're so good to me ;)


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