Make Your Life a Little Easier

Cell phones (wish the boy had had one yesterday…)
Internet/email (eBay,, BLOGGING)
Magic Rub sponges
DVDs released mere months after the movie’s at the theater
TV shows on DVD, in case you missed them the first time
Frozen food that actually tastes good
DVRs (wish I had one for the 19th, which is my chapter meeting, my folks are coming in, and Alias returns)
Debit cards
Books on CD
Sprinkler systems
The kitty litter box that cleans itself (not that I HAVE one)

All these are inventions that have been designed to make life easier, in my memory. (We won’t go into the discussion I had with my kids about life before videos.) Now they’ve come out with that shower cleaner, but I’m waiting to hear testimony before I plop down the bucks.

Anyway, these things are all great, but I can’t help thinking of other conveniences that would make my life easier.

Like a drive-through grocery store. You know, like the drive through pharmacy? You could have it be 10 items or less, for the days you’re out of milk, bread or kitty litter.

A programmable vehicle that can do the driving for you to your regular routes, like your job. I know, they have these things called buses, but it would add another hour each way to my already lengthy commute.

A self-cleaning kitchen. Did you ever see that episode of The Simpsons where Homer gets a job with a guy planning to take over the world, and he gets this awesome house and Marge is bored because it cleans itself? I wouldn’t get bored. Add self-cleaning bathrooms to that, too.

A kitty vacuum. You know, to vacuum the kitties so they don’t shed so much.

Couch dye. For when you like the design of your couch but hate the color. (yellow – WHAT was I thinking?)

Some kind of sleep device, so you can always get enough.

You can see that much has to do with cleaning, because I find myself in a panicking state. Mom didn’t want to do Easter at her house this year and I find myself opening my mouth to say, “We can do it here.” What the heck was I thinking? I mean, I have to clean ANYWAY, for the company coming in the 19th, but I was actually thinking of hiring someone for that. I don’t think I can get someone before Easter.

What ideal invention would make your life easier?

And since you probably ODed on Gerry yesterday, here's Sawyer. What did you think of Lost last night? It couldn't be. Could it? JJ wouldn't tip his hand this early.

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KATZ said...

Mary - I've told my husband that they need to have a drive through Walgreens! Cool we had the same idea. I mean, they have those big drive-through liquor store barns - do the same with Walgreens and I'd be in heaven!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Ohio has drive-through convenience stores.

And no, absolutely not, last night wasn't even close to a "big reveal."

FYI, JJ is not involved anymore, only in an exec producer hands-off capacity.

Second, Damon Lindlehof and Carlton Cuse would NEVER EVER do that to the fans. They ARE fans and would be torqued if someone did that to them. So, no.

I think they were having fun, addressing an idea that a lot of fans are clinging to. I think it is in no way possible that it's all in Hurley's head.

The very basic reason is that there are far too many things happening that Hurley has no way of knowing about. He's living inside his head. We know what happened on the raft--if this whole show was going on inside his head, we would not be privy to anything he is not direct witness to.

Jill Monroe said...

Okay, I'm skipping all the stuff on Lost since I taped it and haven't watched it yet.

I would have LOVED a drive-thru post office. When both the kids were in strollers and I took contest entries to the post office. Ugh!

MJFredrick said...

We have a drive through Walgreens. I've never used it, though. I'm afraid I'll make someone have to wait.

Jill, you're dead on with a drive through post office! I'm liking the automatic scales that prints out your postage for you, though.

Okay, Natalie, what's your theory about the blonde woman being in the place with Hurley??? I was thinking like you - how would he know all the rest of the stuff - but that question is driving me nuts. I wish they'd had more with the hatch hostage, too.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, there is no possiblity that anyone can OD on Gerry!

Sorry to say that I don't watch LOST - I just knew how much I'd love it and how much valuable writing time it would suck up. Now I'm starting to regret that decision!

April said...

There are drive through stores in some places in the midwest. You can shop for milk, oreos, all the real necessities :-) right from your car. It's great. Now I need to move to the midwest!

MJFredrick said...

Leslie, I'm with you on the Gerry OD ;) (Actually, these ladies get quite upset when I don't post Gerry pictures for awhile. I must be very careful ;) )

The good thing about missing a show is you can catch it on DVD now, in much less time than it takes to watch a whole seaon on TV.

Oreos, you say, April? Is there a limit to the number of items? A long line of cars? There must be a drawback to this convenience!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Mary, I don't have a theory yet!

She looked much sicker than Hurley. Shaky, dull affect, unkempt. But very, very different than how she's been on the island. She was definitely watching Hurley, so something about him appealed to her or compelled her somehow.

Can't wait to see how it plays out!

Jill, we have a post office with a drive-thru window, but it's stamps only, so it is no good for manuscript/contest mailings. :(

MJFredrick said...

Natalie, I can't believe you don't have a theory - maybe you do by now!

Yes, she looked way worse than Hurley, but he did have an imaginary friend ;) The coincidence is astounding.


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