Just got back from The Lake House which was all right. I cried. I loved Keanu's character - could really relate with the whole dad-issue thing. The overalll movie was pretty bleak, though, visually, and the characters were so alone. Sad. And WAY too many close-ups. Hello, these folks are over 40. Either back the camera up or use a filter, please, to preserve the fantasy!

Tuesday night the boy slept over at a friend's house, so we finally saw The Wedding Crashers. I don't like movies where people pretend to be someone they aren't, so this wasn't my cuppa, but the juxtaposition of the two lead characters was interesting and well done. Not a keeper for me, though.

Last night we watched The Pink Panther which was silly, of course, though I admit to laughing out loud a couple of times. Can't believe Clive Owen was in it, and Handsome Rob from The Italian Job. The French dude from DaVinci Code was a hilarious straightman, especially in camoflage. But Steve Martin....eh.

We also watched Failure to Launch, and for the first time since A Time to Kill, I get the Matthew McConaughey thing. Was he HOT or what? I loved the movie, from the structure to the secondary characters and plots, to the motifs. Really, really well done. (Even though she was pretending to be someone she wasn't.)

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Tempest Knight said...

Well, right now I'm pretty bleak myself. My story has hit a snag. I sure could use a movie, but I don't think "The Lake House" will work. Hopefully "Pirates of the Caribbean 2" will cheer me up. Can't wait to see that one.

MJFredrick said...

LOL - my mom was actually getting a little embarrassed. We walked past the Pirates display where Orlando's head was bigger than I am, and then the preview, and I'm bouncing in my seat! I can't wait for that one, either.

KATZ said...

Poor Keanu. He tries. Really he does, but he's just not a good actor. His 'brother' couldn't act either.
I liked the Lake House but agree with your comments about bleak sadness! There were a couple of good lines I appreciated from a romance writer's standpoint!

Reminded me too much of Sleepless in Seattle - talking about pet peeves in movies - where the h/H don't get together and we don't see a happy ending until the last 5 minutes!

MJFredrick said...

I know, Keanu can't act, but when he cried, I cried. I used to have the biggest thing for him....

Kristina Knight said...

Well now I don't know if I wanna see Lake House -- thanks a lot Mary. :) Kidding. I'll just rent it... Just a week, right til Pirates? I've already warned the DH that he has to go with.

LOVED Failure...too funny. You're right though, Matthew has had a few...uh...non-Matthew movies hasn't he?

Oh, and while we're on the subject of good/bad movies -- I hated The Breakup. Rent it if you must..but don't pay the buckaroonies to see it in-theater.

Stacy Dawn said...

I want to see the Lake House.

And I always saw the Matthew thing LOL.

MJFredrick said...

Kristi, please take what I said with a grain of salt --- I had about three hours of sleep last night. You might really like it. I know Kelly did. My favorite bit was the relationship between Alex and his dad.

As for Matthew....he was darn charming in Failure to Launch. And I love Sarah Jessica anyway.

Tonight I watched 4 episodes of Buffy - THANKS TRISH ;)


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