When I was a tween, all my allowance and then some went to teen magazines - 16, Teen Beat, Tiger Beat, remember those? I devoured them. They were everywhere. I would get so excited when I'd see a new one on the shelf, and my grandmother fed my indulgence. When I'd get tired of the magazines, I'd cut out the pictures of my latest crush and tape them to the wall. Robby Benson, Shaun Cassidy and John Schneider have all been up there.

Then I was into fashion magazines. Seventeen (remember the back to school issues? It was like a BIBLE!) Glamour, Madamoiselle, Marie Claire, Elle. Fortunately, I worked at a drug store so I could try before I bought. I usually bought anyway.

Then I got married, and it was decorating magazines, usually with a country theme - Country Living, Country Home, Country Marketplace. This trend lasted the longest, encompassing Martha Stewart Living, Romantic Home, Country Sampler, Country Gardens....I still have a ton of them, because frankly, decorating stuff doesn't go out of style like clothes. I only subscribe to 2, and buy the others only very rarely.

Now I've kind of come back to the people...I subscribe to Entertainment Weekly. It was free with my Blockbuster Reward card, but it's still something I look forward to every week. (This week's was bleh, though it did have a TEENY picture of Justin Chambers.)

What magazines do you get?

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Paula said...

I subscribe to Romantic Times, Birmingham Home & Garden, and a political bi-weekly magazine I won't reveal because I'm trying to keep my politics to myself. :)

That's about it, though. I used to subscribe to several magazines--Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide, etc., but I weaned myself off those.

I recently bought my first Soap Opera Digest in years because their cover story was about a pair of actors I used to love (a super couple pair from the late eighties/early nineties) who are returning to their old show after many years away.

And, that's about it.

Anonymous said...

The magazine I miss the most is Victoria. I used to feel better just seeing it in my mailbox.

Now? I read O the Oprah Magazine, Allure, and More (for gals like me over 40). I love InStyle, but it's an expensive subscription. I only buy it at the newstand if it has someone I really go for on the cover. We're getting ready to go on vacation next week, so I will probably buy a few mags that I don't usually get...that's the treat I give myself when we hit the road.


Trish Milburn said...

The only magazine I subscribe to is EW, but I buy People at the checkout every so often, and I really like Cowboys & Indians magazine.

Marianne Arkins said...

Most of mine are home and family-ish: Family Circle, Womans Day, Vegetarian Times, Natural Health, Fitness. I also get the HSLDA Home School mag. My DD gets Ranger Rick and National Geographic Kids. I'm addicted to the cheap mag sites: Best Deals Magazines being my fave... I can get a little crazy there cuz stuff is so cheap. I used to get Real Simple and Martha Stewart... but they made me feel like I wasn't being a good wife/mom if I didn't do all that crazy stuff!

Kelly Boyce said...

I used to be such a magazine hog. All the teen mags when I was a teen, then all the fashion mags and fitness mags in my 20s. When I hit my 30s I pared down. I started to realize all the articles were repeating themselves. Now I get a few quarterly knitting mags and then I'll pick up a few People special issues for the pixs.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I could have almost written that post, Mary. I got all those same magazines when I was a kid. :) And I still have a lot of my Country Living, Home & Garden, and House Beautiful magazines because like you said, they don't go out of style.

April said...

LOL, Mary. In college I studied Advertising with the intention of being a media buyer, and magazines were a major focus. I think your selection was standard for most of us. Me at least. Although, I'll admit to flipping through Glamour at the hair salon still :-)

MJFredrick said...

Oh, yeah, I used to get TV Guide, too.

Paula, was it Patch and Kayla on the cover? When are they coming back? I may have to watch Days of our Lives this summer!

Also, what do you enjoy about RT? I've never read it.

JoAnn, I get myself magazines as rewards, too. I love looking at them on road trips. I think we used to get Victoria, too. I share my Country Living/Country Home magazines with Mom. I used to get Mary Engelbreit, too.

Trish, why am I not surprised about the Cowboys and Indians magazine? :) I bought the one with Viggo on the cover.

Marianne, I absolutely agree with some of those magazines giving us high expectations of ourselves - like we need that! My boy used to get Highlights - I used them in the classroom when he was done.

Kelly, exactly about the magazine articles repeating themselves! The good thing about the decorating magazines - I just like the pictures. I forgot that I used to get a craft magazine....can't remember the name, but it had all kinds of patterns, cross stitch to crochet. Loved it. Blast....can't remember.

April, yeah, the only time I see Glamour anymore is at the salon.

Tori, LOL on our parallel lives!

I'm off to Garden Ridge with Mom after dinner - another benefit of summer!

Anonymous said...

People magazine, Parents, Parenting, and Romantic Times. :)

Paula said...

Mary, yes it was Patch and Kayla. FYI, Stephen Nichols' first air date is this Friday and I think Mary Beth Evans' first air date is Monday.

Which reminds me, I've got to go format a DVD for the recorder...

Paula said...

Forgot to answer your RT question--I get it because I liked to read the reviews. I don't read much of the other content, I must confess, but the RT reviews give me a quick, concise look at what kinds of stories various publishing houses are buying.

MJFredrick said...

Okay, definitely will be watching DooL on Friday - Patch was the ULTIMATE bad boy back in the day!

I bought a Mary Engelbreit magazine today - I had a coupon!


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