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I’ve been watching soap operas the last couple of weeks. I know, terrible time wasters (not as bad as the new online Scrabble game, though), but I do some chores while I watch. See, I’ve been watching All My Children and Days of our Lives for decades. I don’t watch during the school year, so I don’t remember a lot of the connections.

On All My Children, Jeff Martin is back. He used to be married to Erica, right? What are they saying about Erica having another biological child, other than Kendall and Bianca? And Kendall had Ryan’s baby? Where’s Greenlee?

And on Days of our Lives – Jack and Patch were brothers??? I don’t remember that at all. Does everyone think Patch is dead or something? What’s wrong with Jack? Why did they bring Jack and Jen back only to split them up? Could someone please feed Hope a milkshake or something? Who is the little bimbo that’s Bo’s daughter? Bo and who? Didn’t Belle (one of Marlena’s kids, right?) used to be with Shaun Douglas? And now he’s with…? Where is Marlena and who is she married to now? And I thought Carolyn Brady had left her husband for Viktor Kiriakis. Is Austin the DUMBEST man in the soap opera universe? What happened to him and Carrie? And the short mean one, Kate’s son? He’s with Carrie now?

I’ve been watching this season of Grey’s Anatomy, and I get alternately irritated with the different characters. Usually Meredith. Though after watching these earlier episodes, I get the Meredith/McDreamy dynamic more. It’s so complex, the trust, the respect.

But I do have to wonder why she’s so compelling to all the men on the show. It’s another instance of worthy heroines – she’s too whiny to be worthy. Of course, some of the heroes are pretty winy, too.

The Burke and Christina thing – he works so hard for her. Is it the challenge? Why is she so guarded? I absolutely love her character.

Even Izzy got on my nerves in some of the episodes. And she’s my favorite favorite. I love her backstory, from the trailer park. I loved her dynamic with Denny. I think she forgave Alex WAY too easy.

George is my other favorite. He got too needy with Meredith at the end of the season, and for heaven’s sake, of all people, he should know what she does when she gets down, so he can’t blame it on her so much. But he was absolutely hysterical in the Thanksgiving episode and the nurse strike episode. I don’t like him with Cassie, though.

Bailey is a hoot – the first bomb episode where George and the chief are so excited that she’s back – that was so great! And I loved the Thanksgiving episode where they had a visiting attending who was looking for “The Nazi” because he thought it was a guy. And that Bailey knows everything going on in the hospital so even the chief comes to her for answers.

I also actually really like Addison. The episode where Mark comes back and McDreamy said he hadn’t forgiven her just broke my heart. I think it would be less cruel of him to just leave her.

I love to hate Alex. Mostly I hate that they don’t motivate him – or let us in on his motivation.

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Meredith’s mom is just wicked mean. I don’t know how Meredith survived being raised by that woman.

Okay, I’m done.

I’m also blogging at Wet Noodle Posse today. Do I know what I’m blogging about??? Nooooo. I get blogger block when I go over there.

And it’s also my sweetie’s birthday today!

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Kelly Boyce said...

Speaking of Addison, I was watching Under the Tuscan Sun last night and Christine & Addison played lesbian lovers having a baby. Addison left Christine before the baby was born. Just like her...

MJFredrick said...

No kidding, Kelly??? I remember Christine, but not Addison. I'll have to rent that again.

Anonymous said...

I love GA. LOVE IT, love it, love it. The writing on that show is amazing. Meredith is so horrible, but I understand her. Have you seen the episode with Thatcher at the hospital? If not, just wait. It's unbelievable. And I love to hate Alex, but the last show of the season made me think this boy's got a great back story. I can't wait to see it. I love Addison too. And I totally wish Meredith would pick the vet (Chirs O'Donnel is so hot!) and not McDreamy. McDreamy belongs with Addison. She's trying so hard. I could go on forever, so I'll stop now. :-)

Elisabeth Naughton said...

ROFLMAO. I used to watch Days in college. Couldn't miss it. I haven't watched in years. In one paragraph, you totally caught me up on everything that's happening.

I did see an ad for Days on TV the other night which is how I knew all the "oldies" are back again. I have one much plastic surgery has Kayla had????

And my absolute favorite character was Charles Shaunassy's Shane. He's not back, is he?

MJFredrick said...

Shane and Kim! I forgot about them! Actually, I heard that this new British guy that was doing the tango with Sammy the other day could be Shane and Kim's son.

I wonder who Meredith would pick. I didn't care at the end of the season because of, well, DENNY! But after watching some of the other eps, I want her to pick McDreamy. He doesn't love Addison anyway. Why is he torturing all of them? Then Addison can go back with Mark, who loves her and is McSteamy.

Dee Tenorio said...

Nah, Meredith actually does belong with McDreamy. McVet is a great guy--he actually deserves better--but Meredith is a complex person, someone she fears is a lot more like her mother than she wants to be.

GA is my not so secret addiction.

I like Addison, but she actually deserves someone who will love her. She's a strong woman. It's sad watching her hang onto a man she knows doesn't love her. But guilt makes her stay and guilt makes Derek stay.

LOL that "everyone" hits on Mere. Actually, not really. Then again, it IS her show. But the only guys after her are her actual love interest and the guy she took in (who may have confused a bit of hero worship/pity for love). McSteamy didn't actually want her. I think he's just likely to ooze charm all over whoever speaks to him. He introduced himself and Derek had a cow, which made Mere a nice target for him to play with. Burke was always hot for Christina and Alex always had a thing for Izzy.

I love Alex. I love his honesty and his blatant ego and his strange compassion. Don't like Izzy so much, though. She's way too judgemental.

Oh, and as for Days:

1) Yes, Patch and Jack were always brothers. Jack is the adopted son of Senator Deveroux, who turned out to be a serial killer, if I remember correctly. The two men hated each other on sight and it took a REALLY long time for them to come to terms with being brothers and caring about each other. Jack didn't want anything but the life he knew. (Are they bringing back Jo, their mother? They can't bring back Adrienne, their sister, because she's already playing another character)

2) Patch was dead. Died in a hospital even. He walked into the bloody light. The man does not actually HAVE a good reason for coming back--and he's most likely really pissed that Kayla married Shane, but let's not go there. I can't watch right now, because this is terrible writing, even for Days.

3) Jack looks crappy because he's always had a disease, one that was in remission. He showed up as terminal and to my knowledge (I wasn't watching at the time) he finally succumbed, insisting that Frankie marry Jen and take care of his family for him. Not sure how he's back. If it's any consolation, Jen is leaving the show again. So who KNOWS what's going on.

4) I WISH someone would hand Hope a milkshake...a steak, some pancakes or maybe just pump her full of collegen. SOMEthing.

5) Siiiigh, Bo's daughter is is his daughter with Billie. Yup, the baby we all saw actually be born premie and die in Billie's arms was apparently in fact stolen by the DiMeras and shipped off for no apparent reason to an adoptive family. Billie found out and she and Bo tracked down the girl, who conveniently turned out to be living in Salem... James E. Reilly has no grasp of letting the dead stay dead.

6) Shawn WAS with Belle (yes, Marlena's daughter with John). Suffice it to say, they were pulled apart. They made up one night in a barn that was apparently on fire, had sex they don't ACTUALLY remember and when they came to, she remembered she was with Phillip. Her baby? It's Shawn's. But they don't know it. Kate knows it, Victor knows it and Mimi--the chick Shawn is with now--knows it. Oh, and Mimi's mom (played by the lady who was Adrienne) knows it. No idea when Shawn and Belle will find out. (Though, the baby being a match for Shawn's brother's liver should have been a big damn clue...)

7) Marlena is married to a guy (played by the original Roman) who she used to be married to ages ago (though, no one in the Days verse will be able to tell you HOW). Apparently, Deirdre Hall must have something in her contract that says she will only make out with any of three guys in the thirty years she's been on this soap. No one cares who the guys play (Chris Kostichek, Roman Brady 1, 2 or 3, John Black and this new schmuch character, Alex), as long as he once played Roman Brady, he's good for a toss.

Apparently the Marlena storyline has gone on hiatus, possibly to allow viewers to untangle the timeline and absolute BS of the writing.

8) Carolyn left Shawn oh...twenty years ago, but only for about 20 minutes. She remains the love of Victor's life, to whom no one else can compare, though the old man surely does put in the effort. He gets along well with Bo and Shawn, though. Oh, and your earlier question of who is Belle with? That's Phillip, Victor's son with Kate. Obviously, Belle has it bad for the hot Greeks. I imagine she'll move in with Victor soon enough.

9) Yes, Austin IS in fact, the dumbest man in Soaps. This was proven by his repeated attempts to marry Sami, broken up only by his discoveries of her duplicities. Sami was with Lucas and the evil duo was happy (and sparking like mad, dammit) but nooo, Reilly must suck the enjoyment out of romance for us all. Anyhow, Lucas (another of Kate's sons...and Austin's brother, doncha know?--her kids are Austin, Billie, Lucas & Phillip) was pissed at discovering Sami was lying again (though, Kate machinated that) and broke up with her. Then Austin and Carrie came back to town and they've since decided to irritate each other by going after the previous flames. Lucas actually gets to sleep with Carrie now, though.

Phew, that took forever, lol. Would you believe I haven't watched the show in 6 months? You just have to check in twice a year and you're good. :)


Dee Tenorio said...

Eee gads, they're not pairing Sami with her cousin, are they? Because really, I think they are the only two in that clan that actually ARE Bradys.


MJFredrick said...

DANGED impressive, Dee!

I've actually got my son watching now. When Kayla ran out of the church and Patch and Jack turned the corner, my son said, "Whoa." And he keeps saying, "I am Patch." HE also wants to know why everyone's flashbacks have those edges. He also laughed at the 80s make-up. He's 14. Weird.

How can Sami's kid be almost as old as Jen and Jack's??

You know, if it was a real Catholic wedding, there would be no issue about Jack and Patch getting there on time. Those last forever.

Jo is back, at the wedding.

Kayla married Shane?? Kayla and Kim are sisters, right??? And if she married Shane, why is she still mourning Patch? How long ago did he die?

I thought Austin was someone else's kid.

Okay, the whole Marlena thing is weird. I watched when Roman came back a bit but was so confused because the guy who used to be Chris is Roman and the guy who used to be Roman is....whoever.

I am still so impressed, Dee!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

OMG. *NOW* I'm ROFLMAO. There is no concept of time in the soap world. It either drags by (as in, no one ages) or flies (as in babies are born and then tomorrow are adults having their own torrid love affairs.

Have they brought Isabella back? She was John's wife, daughter of Victor, who died from cancer, right? Hell, this is soap world. They should be able to cure cancer!

MJFredrick said...

No, no Isabella. YET.

I could have sworn that Patch's tombstone had his date of birth as 1965 - I had a bad angle from the telly. Um, he and Kayla were dang near 30 when I used to watch when I was first married!

Shesawriter said...

Jeff Martin is BACK? OMG! I thought he was dead or something. Then again, this is a soap opera so that's not an issue. LOL!

Dee Tenorio said...

Isabella has returned a few times in ghost form. *banging head* Thankfully, her son, Brady, has moved away from Salem and has a shot at a real life. We'll see.

Yup, Kayla and Kim are sisters. There was quite the kerfluffle when Shane and Kayla got together. She has always mourned Patch. Shane and Kim broke up, Kayla and Shane turned to each other in their mourning and Kim was one pissed off redhead. (Teach her to throw out the hot Brit for eating scones in bed!) The sisters stopped speaking and Kayla took her girl(s?) off to England. No clue what happened after that.

1965?? If Patch is 41, my ass is on fire. I mean, I love the actor--and he can be SOOOO sexy still--but he's closer to 48. But this is days, when we can stop time on a dime.

Sami's kid remained the same actor and the most naturally aged character on Days since ShawnD, who we all know aged naturally so his parents could justify the babysitter. I'm not sure if they changed him recently, but he was "born" in like 92. So, he's supposed to be a teen or round abouts. Jack and Jen's kid, lol...let's see, Abby was born in late 80's somewhere, so she'll be due for her own torrid affair soon. Wow, she's the oldest teen alive!


MJFredrick said...

Yep. Jeff Martin is back.

And yesterday, Patch and Kayla met up, and Jack stormed into the church, and I missed it today and probably tomorrow. Rats.

If Brady moved away, whose tombstone read Brady, but only lived to be 6?

Kim was so stupid when it came to Shane. Sheesh.

Abby is around 16 on the show, I think. She's friends with Bo's bitchy daughter.


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