Ten Things I Didn't Have Ten Years Ago

From Marianne’s blog

1) my house

2) a job I love

3) 17 completed manuscripts

4) a dog

5) a car less than 2 years old, three couches, a debit card or a DVD player

6) a blog

7) a writing chapter

8) a computer with color monitor and a printer that ISN’T dot matrix

9) a contest final, a request from an editor

10) a child in school

What about you?

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Stacy Dawn said...

That is cool!
1) a boyfriend let alone someone marriable
2) my own home in the country
3) a computer (I only had a little word processor)
4) the internet
5) confidence
6) 4 full manuscripts and ten short stories written
7) #5 again to start a blog afraid that I had nothing to say let alone anyone would bother listening
8) 2 adorable boys
9) a TV bigger than 13inch
10) allergies (don't ask me, maybe it's the country thing LOL)

MJFredrick said...

Confidence is a biggie, Stacy!

Janice Lynn said...

Oh, I wanna play!

1.) 4 kids (I only had 2)
2.) 4 computers
3.) a dvd player
4.) a digital camera
5.) a Master's degree
6.) no debt
7.) stretch marks (can I return these, please?)
8.) gray hair (thank God for Miss Clairol!)
9.) an agent
10.) a published book

WOW. A lot changes in

Janice Lynn said...

Ack! That published before I was through! I was saying that a lot changes in 10 years time. But apparently not my ability to get ahead of myself. ;)

MJFredrick said...

Janice, you crack me up! Yep, wow, a LOT of changes for you!

We both forgot our agents, too!


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