I never did tell y'all about X Men 3, so I thought I'd do a movie post.

First, this is the movie I showed the last two days of school:

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It is SO FUNNY! I've seen it probably a couple of HUNDRED times, know most of the lines by heart. It's the Tiny Toons, and it starts off with them waiting for the clock to strike three to dismiss them on the last day of school. My class and I sang this one over and over. The funny bits - the road trip from hell with Hampton and his family, to Happy World Land. Elmira's quest for a kitty that leads her to Wild Animal Safari Zoo. Fowl Mouth at the movies. Hilarious. A bit dated - I think I first saw it when I was teachjing second grade about 15 years ago. But still so funny.

This is what I watched when I got home the last day of school.

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Something New with Simon Baker. Structured very like a Temptation, I would say. African American woman who's had the best of everything, lived in high society, who falls for her white landscape architect. Hello, who wouldn't? He was hot. And he wore this necklace, and when he was making love to her, the necklace swung down between them and....I never realized how sexy that could be.

I don't know if I mentioned watching Munich.

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It was a terrific character study about a man seeking justice for his country, the things he has to do and the toll it takes on him. Just incredibly done. (And yes, Eric Bana has the butt polyester pants were made for. OMG.)

This was a cute movie.

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I thought it was probably too slow moving for my class to see, but I enjoyed it, the character growth of each person. The little boy looks like my dh did as a kid. My dh was probably more of a stinker, too.

This movie was too frantic for me.

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I'm not a Mel Brooks fan, though. I didn't really get why they didn't want the play to be a smash, but dang, Matthew Broderick can dance! Watch it for the dancing alone. Though the Will Farrell bits were funny. I can't believe I just said that.

And finally:

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I loved it. I cried. Not many laughing bits, like in the others. Logan was forced to be the leader. Not enough Rogue. I liked Magneto - I like how you can ALMOST root for the bad guys. McSteamy from Grey's Anatomy had a few bit parts ;) Now, my dh hated it. He said it went against the comics, that that wasn't how it all happened. IF YOU GO, make sure you stay all the way through the credits. There's an extra scene at the end.

What movies have you seen lately? What are you looking forward to?


Anonymous said...

I saw MI 3...and liked it a lot more than I thought I would. Despite my frustration with Tom Cruise as an individual (the man needs therapy, I swear...), he's still a good actor. And he was great in this film. Really kept my attention riveted the entire time.

Saw Da Vinci Code. Loved the book, loved the film. DD wants to see it again, I'll probably take her this week.

Other than that...gee, I'm not looking forward to a lot of movies. But I will probably go see the Pirates sequel, and a few others!


Dee Tenorio said...

LOL, Mary. Boy, going to the 1st and 2nd X-Men films must have just killed him, then, lol. There was never an Alkalai Lake, Hard-Core fans will tell you Wolvie has NO idea where he came from and that actually, he's been "Wolvie" since back before WW2. Let's see...Rogue was actually an adult woman (who was a bad guy and Magneto's lover to start off, lol), as was Bobby. And hmm, oh yeah, Mystique wore clothes. (Let's see him complain about that, lol.)

I'm a hard core X-Men fan and I still loved all three movies. I find most movies are "adaptions" of the story we loved. To do the Dark Phoenix Saga as it played out in the comics would require 25 years of history and about 50 other characters. You're just not going to be able to fit the original plane accident that "killed" Jean, the Lost World journey of the survivors (and let's face it, that wasn't as climactic as Jean's movie sacrifice), nor would we have been able to fit in the split of the Storm-led X-Men into the alternate dimension that made Scott think Madalyn and the baby and his brother, Havok, were dead. Then we'd have to get into the explanation of the Goblyn Queen and the battle for the Phoenix Powers. And Apocalypse. And the Four Horsemen. And X-Factor. Then the Phoenix disappeared. And came back. It goes on and on. Because the comics are serialized over 35 years and movies, by definition, can't serial that much.

LOL, or, if you'd like a shorter explanation, just tell him that for the space of the story, certain subplots--which included characters-- had to be cut for flow and time. As long as the story remains true to the characters, it should be acceptable.

So, Wolvie's not so wise thinking he could handle Jean? Spot on. His desperate love for her? Perfect. His torment that he must do what he must to stop her? Classic tormented Wolvie. Could I have used a fruitless battle between Scott and Havok? Sure. I'd also like to see Rogue meet up with Remy, but that ain't gonna happen in the movies, lol. Ask him, you just wanted to see how they were going to get Madalyn into that skimpy Goblyn Queen outfit, didn't you?

Uh oh, I think I rambled. LOL!

Stacy Dawn said...

I'm still waiting to see X-men.

We took the boys to Over The Hedge yesterday and it was funny.

Toni Anderson said...

I haven't seen any X-men. Don't know why--oh wait, babies and moving and stuff. Must get all 3 and watch them together!!

Just watched Tristan & Isolde. Very sad. And Brokeback Mountain. Hmm. Can't think of anything else. Brain fried!!

Trish Milburn said...

I really liked X-3. Dee's right -- there's no way you could put the whole X-Men "story" into the three movies. There are so many characters and storylines, it's just impossible. I think you have to look at the movies as "based on" the comics, not the comics brought to film.

I agree with Simon Baker being a cutie and Eric Bana...hang on, I have to go wipe my drool. I need to rent Munich this week.

MJFredrick said...

Dee, I don't know why he didn't have a problem with the other X-Men movies. Maybe because he felt the characters were behaving true, but he kept saying, "It didn't end that way." I don't know what he was expecting. As for Remy - he was ALWAYS my favorite. I wish they could have worked him into the movies.

JoAnn, I'm waiting for MI 3 on DVD. My brother liked it a lot. I credit JJ Abrams ;) And Pirates is definitely on the agenda for me.

Stacy, I was going to go with Cindi and her boys to see Over the Hedge, but I pooped out. She liked it, too.

Toni, so you're all into uplifting movies this week, huh? :)

Trish, be warned that Munich is Very Dark. But again, great character study.

KATZ said...

Hey Mary! Tried to post yesterday but Blogger ate it.

Loved X3 and I'm so glad they left it open for another one!

Hope you're enjoying your break. Forget making a schedule...think "long-term" goals! :)

Amie Stuart said...

I want to see Munich next time the kids are gone.

I"m kinda iffy on X-men..I cried and not in a happy way but in an "oh my god how could they do that" way.....not a happy camper, though they did redeam themselves after the credits (a little).

Remember how people said that the last HP movie felt like sort of a bridge/in-between movie? that's how this X-men movie struck me--sorta as filler, and frankly I think teh black moment was too soon but again that could be me.

Did you like Something New? It's tempted me but I haven't given in....


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