The Last Day with the Kids

And yes, I'm a little teary. These children made me want to come to work every day. They made me laugh, they made me proud, they are going to make me miss them.

I'm so glad I'll be having them again next year. I'm ready.

What I'm NOT ready for is ending this year. I woke at three, thinking of what I need to do the next two days (we get out at noon tomorrow, if we're done. Which I plan to be.)

I need to:

Put copies of the report cards in the PRCs and the stickers on the front.

Have a meeting with my principal about one of my students whose mom never came for the parent conference.

Get more boxes to pack my desk.

Put my room number on all the furniture, so when they take it out to wax the floors, I get the same furniture.

Cover my bookshelves with butcher paper.

Get my check from the office - both my paycheck and a check to reimburse me for $$ I spent in the classroom.

Defrost my fridge so I can bring it home.

Bring home my microwave and rocking chair and bookshelf (I would leave them there, but we're having summer school at our campus, and I don't trust other people with my personal stuff.) And my one closet has a file cabinet in there. I don't know why. And I can't get it out. The problem is, I drive a Scion. The dh won't let me take my Land Cruiser because it's overheating. Maybe Baby Brother can follow me in his truck tomorrow.

Okay, well, written down, that seems doable. Too bad it's too late to go back to bed!

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Stacy Dawn said...

4:30 Yikes!

Hope you have a great day with the kids...and just remember...sleeeeping innnnnn...sleeeeping innnn.

Kelly Boyce said...

Wow...4:30 am...and I thought I got up early. My brother teaches but they don't finish up until Jun 30th this year.

Anonymous said...

Oh NO!!!! I just remembered I left my fridge plugged in at the school. They're going to kill me. UGH! It's little, but it still uses electricity. Congrats on making it.

Anonymous said...

Have a great day, Mary :)

MJFredrick said...

Just got back from the end of the year luncheon. The principal sat with us. He adores Cindi - everyone does.

I had the meeting, put the report cards in the PRCs, got the boxes, had one of my students label the furniture, covered my bookshelves, brought my fridge, microwave and bookshelf home (the rocking chair has to wait till tomorrow), and did the million other paperwork bits. Didn't cry when my kids left - wass rather glad to see them go after trying to keep them calm for 5 hours straight. All of them got picked up on time, too.

So, a half day tomorrow - I should be home, eating and ready for a nap at 12:30!

Toni Anderson said...

Have a lovely one Mary!! We have the school carnival tonight. Must go now!! One month to go :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the last day!! 14 more for me....sigh...

KATZ said...

Yay Mary! Happy summer!

MJFredrick said...

Thanks, Toni! This school doesn't do carnivals, thank goodness! The teachers end up doing all the work!

Michelle, at least you have your whole summer to look forward to - savor the anticipation!

Thanks, Sarah! I was home by 12:15, with lunch. Had my nap and watched a movie. Now to get ready to go out to eat!


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